DN European Championship 2023

18-25 February 

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Reminder: EC 2023 What to know?

Reminder: EC 2023 What to know?

The icesailing season is now in full throttle! This year’s DN Gold Cup & North American Championship will start next weekend.

Also for us here in Europe the first deadline for registration to compete at the European Championship & EuroCup 2023 is now less than a week away!

Please be sure to that you have completed the following preparations to compete at the EC 2023:


Have you paid your membership for the 2022-23 season?

In line with the Race Management Agreement, DN Class Regattas are open to any member in good standing of the IDNIYRA or IDNIYRA-Europe. Members in Europe also have to be members of their National Icesailing Fleets.


Have you submitted your TPL Insurance for approval?

Please be aware of the upcoming deadline:

Insurance Check for Regular Entry will be done by our Insurance Manager until 2023.01.20.
Only competitors who have uploaded their TPL Insurance until the insurance deadline will be able to make event entry at the regular price. Most of the submitted insurance have already been checked.


Have you Registered for the EC 2023?

Now it’s time to make payment of the entry fee. Make your Event Entry Registration before 2023.01.22 for the Regular Fee (€220)


Worried about Heath and Safety?

We have updated the Notice of Race to better adopt to the current COVID-19 Measures in Europe (see attached pdf)


Got an IceWise Plank?

If you own an Icewise plank, please perform an invasive test BEFORE the championship.

During the regatta, the measurer will perform invasive testing on Icewise planks that have not been tested earlier. In case of doubt about the manufacturer of a plank, the measurer’s position will be decisive. Invasive testing will be clarified in the Sailing Instructuons for EC 2023.


Coming from Across the Pond?

North American DN Icesailors are eligible to make regular entry past the regular entry deadline. If you are interested in competing at the European DN Championship 2023 please contact office@idniyra.eu .


Are you a part of our Junior Programme and interested in competing at the EC 2023?

Registered DN Juniors are eligible for a 50% discount from the 2023 EC senior entry fee. Make your event entry today to make it extra worth it!


Ran into an Issue during the registration?

Please contact webmaster@idniyra.eu for support.


Hurry up, places are limited!
See you at the starting line!
Think Ice,

The Board of IDNIYRA Europe


NOR EC 2023

2023 DN Europeans Event Entry Open

2023 DN Europeans Event Entry Open

Dear Fellow Ice Sailors,

On behalf of the Latvian DN Fleet and IDNIYRA-Europe we invite you all to sail the European DN Championship held between February 18th-25th, 2023. Please find the Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions linked below and read it carefully before making the Event Entry.

Important dates to consider:

15th December 2022 – 18:00 (CET) – The online registration opens

20th January 2023; 24:00 (CET) – Deadline to send insurance for checking (Regular Entry)

22nd January 2023 – 24:00 (CET) – The last possibility to register on the regular entry fee (Regular Entry)

Please note, that in order to make a proper entry both the sailor as well as his/her National Organisation need to be active members of the DN Class, i.e. the respective membership fees have to be paid.

In line with the Race Management Agreement, DN Class Regattas are open to any member in good standing of the IDNIYRA or IDNIYRA-Europe.

We sincerely hope that we will be able to meet all our members from around the World again soon.

See you on the ice,

The Organisers


updated in line with 2023.01.08 Extraordinary National Secretaries Meeting

2022-23 Season Annual Contributions

2022-23 Season Annual Contributions

Dear Fellow Members,

The days are getting colder and with the beginning of the hard-water season approaching our Membership fees are due.
Please be informed that our annual membership fee has changed: At the 2022 National Secretaries’ Meeting the Membership fee for the 2022-23 season has been determined at €30.

If you had an active membership with us and have the auto-renew option enabled in your membership profile, the fee will be automatically charged to your registered payment method on 2022 Nov. 6th.
Please be sure to verify that a valid payment method is used and that the transaction has been approved with your bank.

If you’d like to renew earlier or manually, please do so after signing into your profile. The options will be under my membership » view (subscription) » renew
If you didn’t have an active membership with us during the past season, you may need to purchase a membership with a readmission fee.
If you’re new, but already have a national fleet membership you can sign up for an IDNIYRA Europe Membership here:
Membership login/Sign-up

Looking forward to seeing you all this season at our events.
Thank you for your Support & Think Ice!

Support and troubleshooting: webmaster@idniyra.eu
Billing-related inquiries: treasurer@idniyra.eu

see also:
NS Meeting Minutes
Introduction to the New Website


European Board on TC Decision 2022.10.03

European Board on TC Decision 2022.10.03

Without currently commenting on the recent TC decision’s compliance with the framework of DN Class Rules and Procedures (EPIC, RMA, NIA Constitution & Racing Rules & DN Continental Governing Documents, etc.), the Board of IDNIYRA Europe strongly recommends the voluntary survey process described in the document published by the TC to all of our members bringing equipment to or attending the North American DN regattas.

The Board of IDNIYRA Europe also recommends the voluntary survey process described for the European regattas where due to the irregularities uncovered in the past season planks will be under scrutiny by the class measurers regardless of manufacturer.

The Board of IDNIYRA Europe highly recommends doing these voluntary checks at home well before the regatta to ensure the optimal repairability, ease of mind and the best performance on the ice.

European Measurers: prc@idniyra.eu
Technical Commitee: tc@idniyra.eu

Technical Commitee’s post: https://idniyra.eu/idniyra-technical-committee-icewise-runner-planks/

2022/23 Season Dates Announced

2022/23 Season Dates Announced

Almost 50 years ago, in 1973, DN sailors from around the world gathered for the first IDNIYRA World Championship at Gull Lake, in Michigan U.S.A.

During the next two seasons, IDNIYRA North America and IDNIYRA Europe will each take the opportunity to honor 50 years of international competition. In January 2023, DN North America will kick off the celebration by commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first World Championships. DN Europe will continue the 50th-anniversary theme when it hosts the actual 50th running of the World Championship in 2024.
Join the celebration by attending the IDNIYRA World Championship which is scheduled for January 21-28, 2023, in the Western Region of North America.


World Championship and North American Championship: January 21 – 28, 2023
Host Region: North American Western Lakes (MN, WI, IA, IL, UP of MI, IN)

European Championship: February 18-25, 2023

Junior DN & Ice Optimist World & European Championships March 4-10, 2023

Visit our regatta calendar for more details.

cover photo: Anna Pataki

Events 2022 – Tracking

Dear Fellow Competitors,

As before we have been providing online tracking to each sailor who are willing to bring their smartphones with them during the race and trainings of the WC & EC.

  1. Please download and register in the KWINDOO Tracking app. Enable Location Services & other requirements of the app.
  2. On the ice, Refresh the event list and choose DN World & European Championships (or JWC/JEC).
  3. Start Tracking, and put your phone in a warm place (inner pocket) and if you have attach a powerbank.
  4. When finished with the day on the ice, don’t forget to stop the tracker.

Your activity will be rewatchable live on the regatta website and after 17.00 on your device.