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1978 6-7 May Warsaw, Poland  TOP

  1. Maximum number of Entries for European Championship – 60
  2. Minimum age for International Regatta – 16
  3. Insurance aim – DM One Million ($500,000)

1985 11-12 May Landsmeer, The Netherlands  TOP

  1. 4 or more races – 1 throw out
  2. No National Secretaries Meeting during EC but post season
  3. Max. wind speed for sailing – 15 m/sec. (subject to ice conditions)
  4. Agreed to introduce a “Start Licence”. Replaced annually. Rule offences to be marked on card. 3 in one year and Licence withdrawn for that year and following year.

1988 7-8 May Landsmeer, The Netherlands  TOP

  1. Approval of better mast construction 75% wood and 25% fibreglass reinforcement on outside.
    Inside reinforcement and use of carbon fibre forbidden
    Enforcement process specified
  2. EC and WC limited to no more than 6 races
  3. Participants in ET, EC & WC (in Europe) must be IDNIYRA Europe registered members for at least one complete season and have competed in at least one National championship and 3 National or International races with minimum of 10 participants
  4. A DSQ may be a throw out
  5. In a case of DNF through no fault, the place at last windward mark rounding will count. If in first race before first windward mark the average of next ten races will count.

1989 6-7 May Mladaboleslab Westez, CSSR  TOP

  1. Parking brake must always be mounted, fixed by bolts to the steering runner
  2. All parts used in the EC & WC must be marked as laid down and will be stamped by Race Committee
  3. An IDNIYRA Europe flag designed by Peter Schellhorn and Winfried Turnhofer

1990 12-13 May Warsaw, Poland  TOP

  1. Use of carbon fibre allowed in masts (as in N. America)
  2. DDR accepted as member of IDNIYRA Europe
  3. Starting fee for ET, EC & WC not to exceed DM 50 per competition. For other International races DM 30
  4. Double fee for late entries. No more entries accepted 2 hours before first start
  5. Three races in A Group always has priority in EC & WC
  6. Winners of perpetual prizes are responsible for safe keeping and any damage
  7. When WC & EC are held in Europe the WC will be the qualification for the EC
  8. In the WC the A Fleet will use the ranking list for 45 starters (remainder from qualification races)
  9. A pvc or aluminium groove is allowed in a wooden mast

1991 11-12 May Tallinn, Estonia  TOP

  1. Starting Licence to be valid for 3 years
  2. Financial support for Poland for Junior programme agreed
  3. Maximum age for Junior EC – 19 (born 1973)
  4. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania accepted as independent members of IDNIYRA (after very long discussion)

1992 2-3 May Berlin, Germany  TOP

  1. IDNIYRA Europe accounts to be audited annually and published in a newsletter
  2. Discontinue the DN Europe magazine
  3. Commodore to issue European newsletter Sept/Jan/May
  4. Active and Inactive members established. Annual membership fees – 20DM and 4DM. Active to receive IDNIYRA Year Book, IDNIYRA Newsletters and European Newsletters. Eligible to sail in National and International races. Inactive to receive European Newsletters. Fees payable by 1 August
  5. Junior European Championship event to be separated from Senior Championship
  6. Numbers of WC participants to be unlimited
  7. World Ranking list to be produced. For 120 sailors Split Fleet system to be used. In excess of 120 – 4 or 5 Fleets with first 15 to move up a Fleet after each elimination race (qualification)
  8. Sail numbers are allocated to IDNIYRA members. When a DN is sold or lent for competition its sail and fuselage numbers must be changed to reflect the sail number of the new owner
  9. Official language to remain English

1993 8-9 May Stockholm, Sweden  TOP

  1. European Constitution. Those items which affect specifications can only be changed by ballot
  2. Number of participants in EM, WC & EC limited to 180
  3. Agreed to propose 2 European DN sailors for NIA membership. If achieved abolish the EIA
  4. Annual membership fee for Active/Inactive members DM 6
  5. US$800 allocated for Polish young ice sailors
  6. Continue to allow DSQ as discard (after lengthy discussion)
  7. Insurance – in Europe minimum US$100 000 equivalent. Recommended DM One Million
  8. Official language to remain English (unanimous)
  9. European News to be included in IDNIYRA Newsletter
  10. NIA Sailing Rules to be in the IDNIYRA Year Book
  11. Tacking at the Start rule to be clarified with NIA
  12. Limit of 7 races per regatta for each sailor. No limit to number of races a sailor may sail in one day
  13. Agreed to rewrite the Specifications with the US
  14. Agreed to start the Experimental Mast Programme 1993 to 1996
  15. Revised Ranking system agreed based on US system and 2 years’ results – 12 sailors to move Silver to Gold Fleet in mini-qualifiers
  16. Continue to use 8 course in Europe with addition of dolly mark on Leeward mark
  17. Class of DNs using only plate runners not agreed
  18. Overtaking rule to be clarified by NIA

1994 30 April-1 May Vienna, Austria  TOP

  1. Reorganisation of IDNIYRA Europe responsibilities. Agreed to have Commodore – Bart Reedyk (& Treasurer), Vice Commodore – Andreas Muller Hartburg, Secretary – Chris Williams. 2 years each
  2. Actions to process revised Europe constitution agreed for final agreement at 1995 Secs. Meeting. Drafted by Andreas Muller-Hartburg.
  3. European “Blue Book”. Structure and content to be examined for 1995 Secs. Meeting
  4. IDNIYRA Yearbook. Agreed to investigate possibility of printing in Europe using US computer disc
  5. Mempership fee. Agreed to leave at DM 6 per member
  6. Ranking List. Lengthy discussion led to agreement to wait for list resulting from previous season with an explanation of its basis. Agreed that latest Ranking List and its basis should be in Runner Tracks each year in September
  7. Racing Licences. Agreed that since all entries major competitions were approved by National Secretaries (who were obliged to ensure their entries were competent sailors with a thorough knowledge of the rules there was no longer a need for these Licences – discontinued.
  8. Insurance. Agreed to leave European recommended level at DM One Million and introduce an Indemnity Clause into all major European regattas to limit claims to DM One Million and absolve the EDNIYRA officers from any or all liability for any damage or injury in the regatta
  9. European Technical Committee members. Agreed to review their role and presence at European Championships and National Secretaries meetings.
  10. Proposal to finish races according to Grand Prix motor racing format discussed and not agreed to use in 1995 EC but trialled in National Championships (Bart Rule)
  11. 4 side stay attachment points on runner plank. 2 on each side. Technical Committee ruling to be requested
  12. Dolly Marker at Leeward. Agreed that this is an extension of the Leeward mark and therefore part of the mark. It does not therefore breach the NIA ruling of 1977 which specifies 2 marks (Windward and Leeward).
  13. Dates of birth. Entry forms to contain dates of birth for identification of 50+ and 60+ trophies.
  14. Proposed table of lap times agreed and to be incorporated in IDNIYRA rules.
  15. National Secretaries meeting during major regattas (WC/EC). Agreed that this should not be done.
  16. Formation of European DN Ice Sailing Authority agreed. Roles to include Appeal Committee for European DN racing disputes.
  17. Proposal (from Denmark) to allow a line to the fitted to the boom and round the mast and back on to the book end to be passed to Technical Committee for ruling and decision before ‘94/’95 ……(Safety)

1995 6-7 May Amsterdam, The Netherlands  TOP

  1. Annual fee DM 6 abolished
  2. Annual fee of DM 50 per starter in WC/EC with minimum fee of DM 50 per member Nation introduced.
  3. Insurance. If a sailor is found sailing without adequate insurance the case to be reviewed by Governing Committee and decided on merits. Maximum penalty – ban for life from all European Regattas.
  4. Agreed that Technical Committee should propose new members when needed and for approval by Governing Board.
  5. Agreed for Tech. Committee administration costs to be paid by IDNIYRA Europe.
  6. Tech.Committee report to be on Secs. Meeting Agenda and presented where possible by Tech. Committee Member.
  7. Secs. Meeting during EC not agreed – detracts from sailing and unable to include discussion on sailing season sailing experience and lessons learned.
  8. New and unranked starters should be admitted to class races at discretion of National Secs.
  9. Sail numbers. Absolute maximum of 4 figures agreed in interest of scorers.
  10. Agreed to continue Experimental Mast programme for further year

1996 4-5 May Copenhagen, Denmark  TOP

  1. Sail numbers to be max. of 3 figures where possible. Avoid scorer confusion.
  2. Agreed to retain EIA for appeals against Protest Committee decisions.
  3. Grand Prix finish (Bart Rule) agreed to continue use on trial basis.
  4. Agreed exceptionally to use an accelerated ballot process in order to have the Experimental Mast for next season.
  5. Winter Olympic participation. Agreed that this should be investigated.

1997 26-27 April Prague, Czech Republic  TOP

  1. Quorum at Nat. Secs. Meeting. Minimum 5 National Secretaries or their appointed representatives.
  2. Proxy votes limited to 2 per Nat.Sec. or appointed representative.
  3. Mandatory use of oval course plus additional mark at windward mark.
  4. Not to use NA finish procedure.
  5. Use of NA score system.
  6. Grand Prix finish (Bart Rule) to be used in all IDNIYRA Europe regattas.

1998 25-26 April Southampton, UK  TOP

  1. National secretaries have responsibility for judging their sailors’ capabilities and the right to veto their entries in regattas.
  2. Oval course agreed as mandatory in Europe with Dolly marks to be min 30m directly downwind of Windward mark and 30m directly upwind of Leeward mark.
  3. Start line to be no less than 60m downwind of Leeward mark.
  4. Maximum of 200 entries in a major regatta. 4 fleets of 50, 7 races per fleet agreed. 62 starters in mini Qualifiers
  5. Lap time adjusted from 7 1/2 mins. per mile to 6 mins. per mile
  6. Abandon the use of the “finish gate” – delays next race start line up.

1999 14-16 April Vaxholm, Sweden  TOP

  1. Trophy holders Agreed that list of current trophy holders should be issued with NOR in WC/EC by hosting nation.
  2. Registration of IDNIYRA Europe as a Limited Company in UK very expensive annually and to no advantage.
  3. Limit boat damage costs Agreed to use damage assessors in order to have realistic boat damage/repair/replacement costs
  4. Use of internet encouraged for fast and low cost information exchange. Sec & Vice Commodore undertook to progress introduction of IDNIYRA Europe home page.
  5. Insurance Use of SLE Insurance by all IDNIYRA Europe entries for WC/EC in Europe in 2000.
  6. Agreed to support Junior Programme DM20 per entry subject to limit of DM2000. Age limit 16-21 for DN.
  7. Limit on Fleet size Agreed to be 200 in 4 Fleets
  8. Rules for wind speed, temperature and visibility limits. Common set of rules Europe/NA needed and would be welcomed
  9. Adjustment of lap time Agreed to reduce to 6 mins. per mile (from 71/2 mins.) for more sailing opportunities in light winds
  10. Technical Committee agreed that proposal for 2nd ratchet block in DN rig should be progressed (Anders Cederblad)
  11. Winter Olympic participation Agreed for Secretary to continue the campaign and continue ISAF affiliate membership
  12. Sponsorship Agreed to discuss trial sponsorship stickers on DNs in WC 2000 with IDNIYRA
  13. Blue Book status No IDNIYRA status but relevant sections to be incorporated in Year Book. Blue Book guidelines to be used with common sense
  14. Abandon use of “finish gate”

2000 14-16 April Kiel, Germany TOP

  1. Grand Prix finish (Bart Rule) to be used in all major regattas.
  2. Late entries to be discouraged.
  3. Notice for major regattas to be as long as possible, latest date for entry 2 months prior to competition
  4. To prevent unrealistic damage claims, a team of boat damage assessors to be established for major IDNIYRA Europe regattas
  5. All DN nations encouraged to develop their own web pages for IDNIYRA Europe portal site.
  6. Maximum entry for a major regatta to remain at 2300. Accepted that mini qualifiers could have 62 on start line

2001 27-29 April Salzburg, Austria TOP

  1. Grand Prix Finish. Agreed to be used in IDNIYRA Europe regattas.
  2. Finishing Gate. Agreed not to be used in Europe.
  3. European Cup. Agreed not to continue with European Championships.
  4. Combine WC and EC on TRIAL basis for one year (2002).
  5. Banning the discard of a DSQ left to Protest Committee – depending on severity of Racing Rule infringement.
  6. Technical Committee proposals to be coordinated fully with Technical Committee before consideration by National Secretaries for forwarding for ballot.
  7. Agreed to apply for European representation on the NIA Board.

2002 19-21 April Balatonfured, Hungary TOP

  1. Banning use of discard for DSQ result. To be included in Sailing Instructions for EC 2003.
  2. WC/EC 2002 combination a success but effect on ranking points not acceptable. WC & EC to be separate events.
  3. Funds for Webmaster for laptop, software programmes and budget of €5000 agreed (2002/2003).
  4. Fiscal year adjusted: April 1st to March 31st.
  5. Race Safety Officer to be nominated in Sailing Instructions.
  6. Tiller hazard. “Weak link” on tiller post encouraged to prevent tiller impacting skipper’s face at sudden stop
  7. Several changes to Ice Optimist plans agreed for inclusion in Junior section on website

2003 25-27 April Tallinn, Estonia TOP

  1. Trophies. Webmaster to place all available trophy photographs on the website
  2. Technical Committee membership should be left to the judgement of the IDNIYRA Europe National Secretaries and the IDNIYRA Annual meeting.
  3. The position from which a sailor can tack after the race start should be clarified in Sailing Instructions.
  4. International Optimist Dinghy Association agreed to the name “Ice Optimist” with condition that Optimist logo and button/disk carried on sail in major regattas.
  5. Race Committee to enforce DSQ for sailors who run up wind or down wind.
  6. Winter Olympics campaign to continue.
  7. Further application to NIA for more balanced DN representation on NIA Board (none from Europe at present).
  8. Hull colours (Red/Port, Green/Starboard) to be optional.

2004 23-27 April Amsterdam, The Netherlands TOP

  1. Photographs of European trophies and list of current holders to be placed on a Trophy web page.
  2. “Regatta Organisers Handbook” to be placed on website for annual updating and use by regatta organisers.
  3. Grand Prix series based on 3 National Championship regattas. Poland to provide more details for implementation in 2004/2005.
  4. When major regatta (WC/EC) moved to another country, organising race committee may accept late entries at normal (not double) fee.
  5. Proposal to be drafted to make minimum number of WC races at Day Three to be 5 instead of 3.
  6. Reintroduction of licence card not agreed.
  7. Work on Anti Doping Policy to continue.

2005 22-24 April Riga, Latvia TOP

  1. Agreed to trial 2006 National Secretaries meeting during WC/EC in Finland. Back-up meeting planned for Vienna 21-23 April.
  2. Combine posts of Treasurer and Vice Commodore to save costs.
  3. Post of Top Active Sailor renamed Junior Programme Manager.
  4. National Championships. Highest ranked sailors from International Ranking List of each participating nation to start without prequalification in A Fleet.
  5. Retain present host nation race committee system. No PRC yet.
  6. Production of DN sport leaflet agreed.
  7. stickers agreed.
  8. Use of Optimist logo and disc to be enforced in major regattas and emphasized in IO regatta sailing instructions.
  9. Documentation required to support any ice sailing accident claim agreed and to be included in Year Book and insurers informed:
    1. Protest Committee findings (in a regatta).
    2. In regatta, realistic damage assessment by Technical Committee member.
    3. In non-regatta a competent equivalent.
  10. Agreed to update “Organisation of IDNIYRA Europe” in Year Book.
  11. Continue to use existing Finish Line.
  12. Agreed to use Viking Diagram from 2005/2006 season to reduce illegal running in light air conditions.
  13. Anti Doping Policy – progress supported.
  14. Winter Olympics campaign to continue.
  15. NIA is a North American Authority. No further action on European participation intended.
  16. Golden Runner (in memory of Ilmars Zarins) introduced. Best Nation in EC – best results of 3 sailors from same nation. With a tie, team with best individual result wins.

2006 2-10 September Vienna, Austria TOP

  1. Agreed for IDNIYRA Europe to form a non-profit making organisation or company.
  2. Insurance cover requirement raised from €500 000 to €2 million.
  3. Website agreed as authority for IDNIYRA Rules and By Laws vice Year Book.
  4. EIA members elected: Peter Burczynski, Dietmar Gottke and Daan Schutte.
  5. Anti Doping Policy agreed
  6. Professional Race Committee formed and tasks agreed. To be trialled EC 2007.
  7. Over 70 Trophy (Bart Reedijk) to be reallocated to “Best First Timer in Major Regatta”.
  8. Winter Olympics not possible in foreseeable future for ice sailing – weather limitations. No further actions
  9. Concern at inexperienced sailors. In major regattas (WC/EC) all entries must come via relevant National Secretary who has responsibility for entering only safe and competent ice sailors.

2007 20-28 April Vilnius, Lithuania TOP

  1. PRC an outstanding success in EC. Following to be provided:
    1. Diagram of Race Course in Sailing Instructions and on Notice Board.
    2. Measurement to be available on day before racing for those who wish to check boats.
    3. Time of last start to be on Notice Board as well as announced at Skippers meeting.
    4. Race Marks to be larger, brighter colours and with bright flashing lights.
    5. Finishing Flag to remain up after first boat crosses finish line.
    6. Fleet flags to be same colours as used in water sailing.
    7. Better megaphone to be provided.
    8. Up-to-date scoring software to be used.
    9. List of participants to be available at check-in for all sailors.
    10. Uploading daily race results to the website.
  2. Organising Country responsibilities:
    1. Prizes
    2. Opening ceremonies with National Anthems of nations participating.
    3. Invitation and Notice of Race (with Commodore).
    4. Entry List and Insurance coordination (with Commodore).
    5. Sponsors and “give aways”
  3. Hosting Country responsibilities:
    1. Accommodation
    2. Ice check
    3. Security
    4. Snow removal and access
    5. Toilets at the landing site and electricity for motor homes
    6. Social event
  4. When regatta takes place in the planned country (no move) all the above responsibilities are those of the Organising country.
  5. Insurance needs agreed and repeated:
    1. Confirmation of Insurance to be in English.
    2. Cover to be at least €500 000.
    3. Cover to specific ice boat event races and ice boat training areas.
    4. Cover to be for the region where event is taking place.
    5. Cover must be for current year.
    6. Cover must include sailing on sea ice.
    7. No ice boat cover no insurance!
  6. Kent Chocks. Technical Committee to clarify the position on these, in the meantime Kent Chocks remain legal.
  7. On line registration agreed as primary method for WC/EC 2008.
  8. Over 70 Trophy. Reassigned to “Rookie of the Year” trophies. Highest place DN sailor in WC and EC who had never been ranked in DN class.

2008 25-27 April St. Petersburg, Russia TOP

  1. Separate stickers for WC and EC agreed.
  2. Double entry fee applies to those on waiting list who miss entry deadline.
  3. All local ambulance, hospitals and medical facilities must be informed of Regatta location and its purpose. Emergency telephone numbers on Notice Board and local-language speaking person nominated.
  4. First Aid package to be carried by PRC.
  5. Distance between Race Marks and Darling Marks to be minimum of 75 metres.
  6. Distance between Marks at discretion of PRC and Commodore governed by wind speed and direction ice area and quality and visibility.
  7. DSQ by Race Committee should be done via Protest hearing.
  8. Junior DN/Ice Optimist Championship and DN WC/EC should not be planned for adjacent weeks.
  9. Fail-safe tiller should be designed and trialled.
  10. Race Committee member must be at Windward mark to monitor race rules and fail sailing.
  11. Proposals for DN fuselage side numbers and fluorescent colours to be drafted.
  12. Financial year set at 16 April to 15 April
  13. Electronic security. Investigation into various methods e.g. Radio Frequency identification chips, high speed cameras and optical scoring had shown most either incompatible or impractical for ice yacht racing and a good scoring team the best solution
  14. Trophy winners to be shown on the website
  15. Trial for more races in EC 2009. Maximum of 20 races per Fleet with daily max. of 5 races per Fleet. Throw-outs after every 5 races. Minimum number of races for Regatta 3 races for Gold Fleet.

2009 24-26 April Hamburg, Germany TOP

  1. Race Committee member to be on Start Line in line with Leeward mark/Darling Mark for accurate judgement of yachts illegally crossing that line.
  2. In major Regattas a list of those available for Protest Committee duties to be displayed before first race.
  3. Safety issues:
    1. Good communication between Race Committee members essential.
    2. Use of smoke canister to stop race in event of an accident.
    3. Consider programme of CPR training.
    4. Clear course diagram with all features to be part of Sailing Instructions.
    5. Safety brief at every Skippers meeting.
    6. Good quality goggles highly recommended.
  4. Proposal to be drafted for internet class voting.
  5. Secure method of internet voting to be developed.
  6. Event sponsor. If necessary for budget reasons an event sponsor would be trialled.

2010 23-25 April Gdansk, Poland TOP

  1. Financial Report and Budget to be sent to IDNIYRA Board and all European National Secretaries.
  2. Society (IDNIYRA Europe e.V) Constitution to be placed on the IDNIYRA Europe website.
  3. Agreed to enforce penalty for running straight up wind at Start. Warning on first occasion, DSQ on second. Allowance to be made for wind shifts. (NIA Racing Rule A – Fair Sailing, and D – Propulsion).
  4. National Secretaries to monitor insurance claims from their sailors for unrealistic charges.
  5. Proposals for Parking Brake (Sweden) and National Letters (UK) to be forwarded for class vote.
  6. Agreed to trial no stickers or sail stamps until completion of qualification races in EC 2011 and 10 runners for the whole event.
  7. Gold Fleet first boat, first lap times to be collected by PRC
  8. If time allowed, races 6 to 10 to count for the European Cup
  9. European regatta dates to be placed on a central page of European website.

2011 15 – 17 April Parnu, Estonia TOP

  1. Responsibilities of Host Nation to be placed in Year Book.
  2. Integration of Junior Programme into IDNIYRA Europe to be discussed at 2012 Secretaries meeting.
  3. Darling Marks to be minimum of 100 metres from Race Marks.
  4. When DN sail rigged Parking Brake to be available for immediate use at all times on the ice. Not to be taped in Off position with boat plank on horse.
  5. NIA Part IV Sailing Rules B Right of Way, para. 9 to be enforced – no sailing on Race Course during race by non participants.
  6. Control at Windward Mark by PRC member emphasised for Protest hearings when required.
  7. Agreed to request Technical Committee to establish a web page for registering TC questions and answers to/from TC for benefit of DN sailors (advisory service).
  8. Mast sticks. To be thoroughly examined by PRC before races and properly marked and sealed before races. Any competitor found to have altered his stick or its characteristics would be DSQ for whole regatta, no protest allowed
  9. New starters. All unranked sailors should, where possible, have competed in big regattas with at least 10 starters on 3 occasions before entry into WC or EC can be considered. National Secretaries should be aware of the ice sailing expertise of his unranked sailors. (Similar to Nat Sec decisions in 1994, 1995 and 1998)
  10. Remaining in lower Fleet for aany of the first 12 finishes in qualification races not allowed. (IDNIYRA By Law B7 Fleet splitting mandatory).
  11. Late entry fee when moving to another country. Agreed that when a major regatta (WC and EC) had to move to another country the Organising Committee would accept late entries from sailors who were DN members of that country at normal (not double) fee. (Repeat of 2004 decision and to be in Year Book)
  12. 200 sec. Safety Rule to be trialled in EC 2013. Race Committee to keep records of lap time, first lap first boat. Where time is 200 secs. or less next race would not be started unless a change in conditions promised a longer lap time first lap first boat. This change must be due to at least one of the following: longer distance between marks, less wind, slower ice.
  13. Agreed for draft proposal to ban DSQ discard in event of dangerous sailing (Protest Committee decision) By Law B5(d).
  14. Protest Committee availability. Where possible, Protest Committee jurors should come from experienced DN sailors not involved in the competition.

2012 20 – 22 April moved to 21 – 23 September Balatonfured, Hungary TOP

  1. DNE introduced to deter dangerous sailing
  2. Maximum claim values on Insurance agreed: Hull 2800 €, Mast 1500 €, Plank 500 €, Runner 450€ each, Sail 750€, Chock 100€ , Boom 150€.
  3. Internet and online voting to be used in Europe at next DN Class vote
  4. 10 Runners to be allowed in EC 2013-04-22
  5. No stickers or sail tags required until first A Fleet race in EC 2013
  6. Defibrilators to be included in Race Committee/PRC equipment and at least one member trained in their use.
  7. IDNIYRA Year Book now available online.

2013 26 – 28 April Aalsmeer, Netherlands TOP

2014 12 – 14 September  Riga, Latvia TOP

2015 17 – 19 April Stockholm, Sweden TOP

2016 22 – 24 April Riga, Latvia TOP

2017 21 – 23 April Warsaw, Poland TOP

2018 20 – 22 April Budapest, Hungary TOP

2019 Date Location, Country TOP

2020 Date Location, Country TOP

2021 Date Location, Country TOP

2022 Date Location, Country TOP

2023 Date Location, Country TOP

2024 Date Location, Country TOP

2025 Date Location, Country TOP

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