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Ballot 2021 Results

The Autumn 2021 IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA EU combined ballot closed at 1200 US CT October 21, 2021. Two-thirds of ‘yes’ votes are required for a question to pass. The results are as follows: 61% percent of eligible members participated in the ballot. Abstentions were allowed on individual questions. Question 1: PROPOSAL TO CHANGE SPECIFICATION G14 SAIL WINDOW SIZE 160 yes / 8 against (95.2% yes, Question 1 passes and comes into effect May 31, 2022.) Question 2: PROPOSAL TO ADD SPECIFICATION I. FITTINGS SELF-RELEASING STEERING POST HEAD 65 yes / 82 against (55.8% no, Question 2 fails.) Question 3: PROPOSAL TO CHANGE SPECIFICATION A30 NATIONAL LETTERS AND SAIL NUMBER 110 …

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Permanent link to this article: Your World Portal to DN Ice Yacht Racing

The DN Class’ two continental organizations: the IDNIYRA (North America) and IDNIYRA Europe have developed a new world portal website,, to showcase our sport’s best videos, and photos that are easily accessible on the front page. Our photographers and videographers best tell the story of DN sailing, and we are indebted to them for sharing their work with us.

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2021 Autumn Class Ballot

This is the announcement of a combined ballot for members of IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA EU, although North American and European results will be available separately.

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The 2021 September Issue of Runner Tracks is out!

The 21-22 season is starting to rev up. This month’s newsletter will inspire you to get those runner sharpened for December’s first ice. IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA Europe have combined forces with a new website,, a portal that will host information common to both continents.

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Baikal Ice Sailing Week 2022 – What to know?

We received the following leaflet from Joerg Bohn G-737 & Dideric van Reimsdijk S-867 about this season’s Baikal Ice Sailing Week.
March 2022 will mark the 11th occasion that the event is held at Lake Baikal, Russia with sailors participating from all over the World to compete at the Asia and Baikal Cups, the Russian Championship or to sail for pleasure. This year we are also looking forward to having guests from China.
Please read the What-to-know-2022 manual carefully.

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Tiit Haagma 1954-2021

Via Mihkel Kosk C45 and Ron Sherry US44.
Estonian DN sailor, Tiit Hagma C10, passed away peacefully at home on 28 May 2021. Tiit won the 1984 DN Gold Cup sailed at Krynica Morska in Poland. The regatta is memorable for a field of 240 competitors, certainly one of the largest DN championships in history. Ron Sherry US44 remembers “driving back to the hotel with him in 1984 in Poland to pick up some Boston Sails. He was so calm and matter of fact. I told him if I had won, I would be like a NASA Launch.”
Mihkel Kosk recalls Tiit’s life outside of DN sailing, “The big thing that he was also a great talent in music and in the USSR time a part and member of a band Ruja. Ruja was as popular in Estonia as the Rolling Stones were in the states and very much on the legal line with the USSR officials!”

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