Dear Fellow DN Iceboaters,

Today before sunset we have wet ice conditions on the lake… It was +3C and the ice was soft but I was almost able to skate, I have been on worse ice. There was no wind for the day, so the center of the weather system was on top of us. The Black Flag will be up for tomorrow morning as well.

Hoping for less snow tomorrow. As of now, we have alternative sites in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland … because of traveling difficulties, we are currently not considering Sweden.

Our icescouts are on the lookout, MANY THANKS to them!

We are working on providing you with extra parking and getting on the ice safely. 

Parking lot A – Launch site: Silzemnieku beach

This launch site is closer to the race track, but it has bad road conditions and the parking will be quite tight and a longer walk is needed. Please park your Trailers closer to ice and cars further away. Parking is only allowed on one side of the road! We must make sure that bigger cars (like ambulances) can get through and that the ice doesn’t get too damaged.

Parking lot B – Launch site: Burtnieki Pier

It’s about 4km from the race area, with better roads, and a big parking space.

You will also have to cross a crack to get to the racecourse. A safety gate will be marked during the week.

On both launch sites please leave a card with your contacts on the inside of your windshield.

The check-in will be between 15:00-20.00 at the Race Office at ‘Sports Hotel Naktsmajas’: 

See you there! Pray to your weather GODs!
Think Ice!

Mihkel Kosk