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Clarification on the COVID Protocol 2022

Dear Fellow Icesailors,

I have heard rumors that some of our members are interpreting the IDNIYRA-EUROPE COVID-19 Protocol as not mandatory because it uses the word “should” instead of “must”.
Now I don’t want to start a debate about English grammar because this is not that platform. Rather, let’s look at what the intent was when this document was adopted.

We want to host safe events for all participants in an epidemiologically uncertain environment.
We can only do this if all participants are adequately protected against the COVID virus. And this is clearly a complete vaccination.

We require this, as in the case of an infection, it is very unlikely that anyone will get sick so severely that they will have to be hospitalized and consequently the local authorities will need to interrupt the event and everyone will be quarantined as a contact person.
That would be the situation that no icesailor would want.

That is why I ask everyone to keep the spirit of the COVID Protocol in mind and not to start hair-splitting.

To make it clear throughout the text, the phrase “should have” is to be understood as “must have”.

I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience.

Think Ice,

Attila Pataky (M-100)

Notice Of Race JWC/JEC 2022

Notice Of Race JWC/JEC 2022

Dear Young Icesailors, Parents and Trainers,

In December we have succesfully finished the Junior Championships of 2021 in Haapsalu, Estonia and I hope everybody is looking for ice and practicing in the new 2022 season.

Attached please find the Notice of the Race for DN-Junior and Ice-Optimist World and European Championships 2022 planned for March 6-11th.
I would like to invite all young icesailors from around the world to participate in this famous event!
See you All in Estonia !
Stan Macur. DN P-111
Junior Program Manager
What’s Next for this Season?

What’s Next for this Season?

Here are a few event recommendations for the upcoming weekend:

The North American, Polish, Russian and Swedish Regatta calendars were published as of today and are available on their websites and on our DN Class Regatta Calendar Page, where all of our Fleets can publish their events by the their respective National Secretary. 

The 2022 World & European Championship Event Entry is also open and accessible after successful Membership registration, payment and Insurance-Check.

photo: Dideric van Riemsdijk
Pictures of the JWC/JEC 2021

Pictures of the JWC/JEC 2021

The Junior World & European Championships has successfully concluded today in Haapsalu, Estonia.
The event was originally planned for February, but due to COVID-lockdowns it needed to postponed to December.
Congratulations to all competitors who took part in the event and gratitude to organisers: Stan Macur, the PRC and the Estonian DN Fleet, for making the event happen under these more difficult than average conditions.

Please enjoy the pictures from the event:

For more media, please visit and follow IDNIYRA – Europe’s Facebook Page

The NOR of the 2022 DN WC/EC is out

The NOR of the 2022 DN WC/EC is out

Dear Fellow Icesailors,

We invite you all to sail the Gold Cup DN World and European DN Championships 2022

Please find the Notice of Race attached and read it carefully.

Also, pay particular attention to the IDNIYRA EU Covid Protocol.

Important dates to consider:

  • 15th December 2021 – 18:00 (CET) – The online registration opens
  • 17th January 2022; 24:00 (CET) – Deadline to send insurances for checking (Regular Entry)
  • 19th January 2022 – 24:00 (CET) – The last possibility to register on the regular entry fee (Regular Entry)

Please note, that in order to make a proper entry both the sailor as well as his/her National Organisation need to be active members of the DN Class, i.e. the respective membership fees have to be paid.

See you on the ice,

The Organisers & The Board of IDNIYRA Europe



NOR WC-EC 2022

Track & Follow the JWC/JEC2021 Live on idniyra.eu

Track & Follow the JWC/JEC2021 Live on idniyra.eu

Follow the 2021 DN Junior & IceOptimist World & European Championships live and read all the latest updates on the event’s page.

2021 Junior World & European Championships

Contribute to the online experience and receive notifications at the digital notice board on your phone with the kwindoo app for racers: kwindoo.com/app
Simply download, register & start tracking your activity on the ice.
After a raceday is completed, turn off the tracking and you will be able to rewatch the race on the website and in the app.
More info: idniyra.eu/downloads


Wishing you all a safe & successful regatta,

Attila István Pataki
Secretary IDNIYRA – Europe

JWC/JEC 2021 – Move to Haapsalu

JWC/JEC 2021 – Move to Haapsalu


Dear Young Icesailors, Trainers and Parents,

Because of unforeseen developments on the ice, we decided to move the event to Haapsalu, in hopes of providing you with better conditions for racing.

Race Office & Regatta HQ will be in Hotel Hestia

Launching site: Vasikaholmi rand

Thank You. See you all in Haapsalu!

Stan Macur


To see the latest news and updates on the event please visit:

JWC/JEC 2021 – Decision on the Location

JWC/JEC 2021 – Decision on the Location

Dear Young Icesailors !
The DN-Junior and Ice-Optimist World & European Championships 2021 will take place on the Pärnu Gulf.
Ice thickness as today 16-18cm.
Pärnu Yacht Club will serve as the regatta headquarters.
Please find the “Sailing Instructions” enclosed.
See you all on the ice.

Stan Macur


Here are some accommodation offers:

Single room with breakfast – 30 €/night
Double room with breakfast – 38 €/night
Booking: +372 447 1740 kylalistemaja@jahtklubi.ee
Standard single room – 54 €/night
Standard double room – 62 €/night
The room price includes:
An abundant breakfast and spa visit during the hotel stay
Free WiFi
Free parking
Booking e-mail: sales@strand.ee or Tel: +372 447 5380 (use password “Icesailing”)
Tormi Jõgi
JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.5

JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.5

Dear Young Icesailors, Trainers And Parents!
I would like to inform you all that the DN-Junior and Ice-Optimist WC/EC 2021 will take place in Estonia between Dec 12th-17th, 2021.
The Estonian DN Fleet is organising other races on the upcoming weekend of Dec 11-12th. It is considered to choose the regatta site in Haapsalu or Parnu for both events.
The final site decision will be made on Friday Dec. 10th afternoon.
See you all in Estonia!
Think ice.
Stan Macur DN P-111.
JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.4 – Postponement

JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.4 – Postponement

Dear friends,
We have checked possible areas for our championships and found that ice conditions are not good enough, so I decide together with Estonian organisers to postpone the event for one week to the date 12-17 Dec 2021. The weather forecast looks promising for that period in Estonia and Poland and we hope to find good place for JWC 2021! Late entry will remain open until the start of the event.
Next information/decision on Wednesday 8th Dec.
Best regards. Think ice.
Stan Macur DN P-111
JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.3

JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.3

Dear Young Icesailors, Trainers and Parents!
We have talked with Alari Akermann about the upcoming JWC 2021 and have agreed that it is possible to organize the event next week on Lake Sadjarv near Tartu in Estonia… Everything depends on weather,
According to this a preliminary decision will be made on Dec 1st, Wednesday evening and the final decision on Dec 3rd, Friday noon.

Entry to this regatta is still possible until Nov 30th.
The Covid-19 Protocol is on European website and everybody has to read and use it correctly !

Best regards. Think Ice.
Stan Macur. JPM IDNIYRA-Europe.

JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.2

JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.2

Dear Young Icesailors, Parents & Coaches,

Due to the Covid-19 situation and other complications some young icesailors have – problems with bank transfers and organising circumstances – we decided to extend the deadline for Entry and Insurance Submission of JWC 2021 until Nov 30th 2021!

You can now make an insurance check for this event by uploading your insurance policy directly during the entry & registration process: https://idniyra.eu/juniors-entry/
You do no longer need an InsuranceID, only the approval of the Insurance Manager. To check if your insurance and payment have been processed and approved, please visit: https://idniyra.eu/junior-entry-list/

Everything else will be handled according to the Notice of Race. Next information will be published early December 2021 depending on the ice situation.

Think Ice, Stan Macur JPM IDNIYRA-Europe.

JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.1

JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.1

Dear Young Icesailors, Parents & Coaches,

I would like to confirm that all entries paid last winter to participate at the JWC/JEC 2021 are of course valid for our championship planned for December 2021.

Clearly, if we can not provide this event in December the JWC/JEC entry fees will remain valid for the 2022 Championships.

Think Ice,
Stan Macur JPM IDNIYRA-Europe.



Dear Fellow Icesailors,

A new season starts soon and we have to be ready not only with our ice sailing gear but also be prepared to cope with the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope that all of you are healthy and not influenced by COVID infection or any serious consequences. This year we intend to organize the WC/EC, but to keep our community safe we have to introduce some protocols, which has to be obeyed by all participants of the event. Below you can find the COVID-19 Protocol. Please read it carefully and be prepared for the safe season and for participation in IDNIYRA events.

Think Ice,

Attila Pataky (M-100)

IDNIYRA EU Commodore


Baikal Ice Sailing Week 2022 – What to know?

Baikal Ice Sailing Week 2022 – What to know?

Fellow Icesailors,

We received the following leaflet from Joerg Bohn G-737 & Dideric van Reimsdijk S-867 about next season’s Baikal Ice Sailing Week.
March 26-April 02, 2022 will mark the 11th occasion that the event is held at Lake Baikal, Russia with sailors participating from all over the World to compete at the Asia and Baikal Cups, the Russian Championship or just to sail for pleasure. This year we are also looking forward to having guests from China.

Please read the following What-to-know-2022 manual carefully.

more info: baikaliceyachtracing.eu, dnrussia.ru