The 2022 September Issue of the Runner Tracks Magazine is Out!

September signals it’s time for DN sailors to THINK ICE. We have 58 pages of ice-thinking for you in this issue of Runner Tracks. In addition to several proposals and the 2022 European Secretaries meeting minutes, Mike O’Brien shares his story from the 1988 DN World...

1973: The First DN World Championship

"Almost 50 years ago, in 1973, DN sailors from around the world gathered for the first DN World Championship at Gull Lake, in Michigan U.S.A. During the next two seasons, IDNIYRA North America and IDNIYRA Europe will each take the opportunity to honor 50 years of...

2023 International Ranking List Published

DN sailors line up for to race at the 2022 World Championship in Norway. Photo: Oscar Lindell L132

in Memoriam: ENDEL VOOREMAA (1930 – 2022)

Dear DN Class members, This morning, on July 25, 2022, Endel Vooremaa passed away at the age of 92. Endel was one of the most successful ice sailors and summer sailors. Born on May 6, 1930, in Kuressaare, Estonia, Endel started sailing at the age of 8 and ice sailing...

Friendly Reminder: 2 Spec Changes in Effect

New DN Technical Committee in action

We received the following update from Technical Committee member Tomek Zakrzewski: Yesterday we held our first ever online meeting of the DN Technical Committee. It was a great opening of the new TC setup. TC has recognized the great effort of Warren Nethercote who...

The 2022 Runner Tracks May Edition is Out!

Fresh off the Press. Get it while it's hot! The season-finale Runner Tracks newsletter is on your virtual doorstep. Many thanks to our advertisers who help bring Runner Tracks to you, to contributors, David Frost, Ron Sherry, and Warren Nethercote, and to...

National Secretaries’ Meeting 2022: Elections

During last weekend's National Secretaries' Meeting the following members were elected to serve as officers of the European DN Class: Board Members (elected for 2 years): Commodore: Mihkel Kosk (C45) Vice-Commodore: John Winquist (L601) Treasurer: Jerzy Henke (P58)...

Greetings from our New Commodore, Mihkel Kosk

Dear Fellow Iceboaters, The 2022 National Secretaries' Meeting was held during the last weekend with great participation from both sides of the Pond. Matters were discussed and decisions were made. During the election, the choice of Commodore was between Attila and...

Final Post from our outgoing Commodore, Attila Pataky

Dear Fellow Iceboaters, After 20 years of serving the Class in different positions, it is time for me to finally have fun in ice sailing, step back and pass all duties to the younger generation. At our regular Annual Meeting, a new Commodore and a new Vice Commodore...


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The International DN is the most popular iceboat class in the world. It is raced extensively in the northern United States, Canada, throughout Europe, and Northern Asia, with World Championships alternating between North America and Europe each year.

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  • 2022 Dec 15

    Registration Opens (EC 2023)

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    Registration Opens (JWC/JEC 2023)

  • 2023 Jan 20 - 2023 Jan 22  

    Insurace Check Suspends, Regular Entry Closes (EC 2023)

  • 2023 Feb 08 - 2023 Feb 10  

    Insurance Check Suspends, Regular Entry Closes (JWC/JEC 2023)

  • 2023 Feb 18 - 2023 Feb 25  

    DN European Championship 2023

  • 2023 Mar 04 - 2023 Mar 10  

    2023 Junior World & European Championships in DN & IceOptimist

  • 2023 Apr 22 - 2023 Apr 23  

    National Secretaries Meeting 2023

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