Mar 14 2019

Estonian cup stage

On upcoming weekend (16.03-17.03.2019) we are planning to sail another Estonian Cup Stage. Right now the best place for that is on lake Vortsjarv. Final venue will be announced on Friday (15.03.2019) at latest 14:00! More info 

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Feb 27 2019

Lithuanian Ice Sailing Cup

Dear Icesailors,

Lithunian ice sailing cup taking place on Rekyva lake in Šiauliai on 3rd and 2nd of March. Registration and information here: ,

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Feb 26 2019

Estonian Cup stage

We are planning to sail next Estonian Cup stage in DN and Monotype-XV classes on 2.03-03.03.2019 on lake Võrtsjärv.  Last weekend ice surfing had their European Championship there so ice is good. Final venue decision will be at latest 28.02.2019 at 17:00.


UPDATE: Race is on lake Võrtsjärv, access to ice:


Competition info:

There are no races for Ice-Optimists!


Accommodation info:

Grand Hotel Viljandi (
Standard single room 52.00 €/öö.
Standard DBL/TWIN room 69.00 €/öö.
Junior suite 99.00 €/öö.
Presidential suite 149.00 €/öö.
Price includes:  breakfast and VAT

Dinner buffet – 10€/person
Dinner buffet includes two different dishes (meat and fish), salat buffet, dessert, water and coffee.

Booking: e-mail:
Phone: +372 5383832

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Feb 21 2019

Grand Masters Cup final results

Four starts were completed in sunny conditions, good ice and 3 m/s wind. Here are the results.

Organizers and the racing committee

Grand Masters Cup final results

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Feb 18 2019

Estonian Championship 22-24.02


Estonian Championship will take place in 22.02-24.02.2019. The venue is Pärnu bay. Final location with coordinates will be posted in here at latest on Thursday (21.02.2019) at 17:00

If possibe please use online registration, you can find online entry form…/1FAIpQLSf6hubAW9CObXMKF…/viewform…


Possible accommodation:

Pärnu Yacht club Guest house ( : Twin room with breakfast – 40€/night, single room with breakfast – 30€/night. Booking: or phone: +372 447 1740. Keyword: ICE SAILING

Strand ( Twin room with breakfast 60€/night, single room with breakfast also 60€/night.
Booking:, phone: +3724475370 Keyword: ICE SAILING

Rannahotell ( );
Twin room with breakfast – 68€/night, single room with breakfast – 63€/night. Booking: , tel. (+372)444 4444 Keyword: ICE SAILING

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Feb 15 2019


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