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Mar 04 2015

Coming tonight the Dutch Evening

Iceboaters, Coming tonight the Dutch Evening Fun and Surprises guaranteed

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Jan 31 2014

German Championship 2014 – Pls. Checkin at Race Office in Hotel

Begin: 18.00 h Fee: 50,00 Euro Skippers Meeting: Sa. 10.00 h First Start: Sa. 12.00 h

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Jan 31 2014

German Championship 2014 – Update

Last decision: We will sail on Stettiner Haff. Launching site directly at the beach where the Hotel is. Hotel Haffhus, Dorfstr.35 Ueckermuende-Ballin There is also room for mobile homes at the parking area direct in front of the hotel. CU on ice

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Jan 31 2014

Last Info – Urgent call – German Championship

Dear friends, those who are on the road now heading to the launch Rieth-Luckow. pls. come first to the Hotel cause we are checking the area just in front of the Hotel, looks very good so far. That would be the finest option, to have the DN just 100m from your room. Bitte zuerst zum Hotel kommen, vielleicht können wir direkt vor dem Hotel auf dem Haff segeln! Godie Address: Hotel Haffhus Dorfstr.35 Ueckermünde-Bellin Call Godie: 0151 20118651

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Jan 30 2014

German Championship 2014 – race is on

Welcome everybody Next Weekend German Championship at Neuwarper See which is a bay of Stettiner Haff. Hotel for all!!iceboaters. Good accomodation. Dorfstr. 35, 17373 Ueckermünde-Bellin Launching site: Navi target: Rieth-Luckow ONLINE ENTRY/MELDUNG In Rieth (a very small village at the end of the world) follow the main street just to the dead end. Please don’t pass the red-white striped gate with mobile homes. You can park just at the way before. Sailing area: circle of 2.4 km in all directions, smooth ice, 20cm thickness with max. 2cm snow patches, complete area sailed this afternoon by Jean-Claude Vuthier and Godie and Jan. CU on ice, Bernd, Godie PS: Be preparedfor sportive windyconditions on Saturday

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Dec 05 2013

NOR – DN-Junior and Ice Opti WC / EC and European Cup 2014

Dear Friends, I would like to invite all young icesailors in the World to Latvia in 2014. See the Notice of Race of World and European DN-Junior and Ice-Optimist championship and European Cup 2014. NOR – DN-JUNIOR AND ICE OPTI WC / EC and European Cup 2014 The organizing authority of the Regatta is the Latvian DN Icesailing Association in cooperation with JK ”AUDA” and IDNIYRA-Europe Society e.V. represented by the Junior Program Manager. Partners: Council of Riga The primary site is Lake Kisezers, Riga, Latvia. Various other sailing areas in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland can be used to provide this regatta. The championship regatta will be sailed under …

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