Dear Fellow DN Iceboaters,

There is a little more than one week to go before the final decision on the location of this season’s European Championship.

Hopefully we will get lucky and can make it happen at the original designated venue in Latvia.

We hope that we will be able to make up our minds early, but as always we will try to keep all avenues open until the very last minute in case something happens, which is not unknown in our sport.

Solid ice conditions have been reported from Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland and Estonia. 

We would be happy if there were more backup locations with the cold weather moving in and new ice forming.

We would kindly ask you to send us ice reports with pictures of possible ice sailing locations approx. 2×2 km in the next 10 days (with +15 cm of thickness) with accountable weather forecast for the week of the event, launching areas and accommodation possibilities for 100+ sailors nearby.

Icereports sent to or posted to the Icereport facebook group will be considered as backup locations.

Thank you

Attached, please read the Sailing Instructions for the event:

SI EC 2023