Dear Fellow National Secretaries and EC Competitors,

Due to the heavy snowfall on the designated location, I would like to call a Meeting for tonight for National Secretreataries/Representatives to discuss the options that we have going forward. Please send 1 person/Nation if your national Secretary is unavailable.

Location: 1:1 Bistro – Olympic Center:

Time: 18:00


Option 1: Going to East Lithuania, 20cm clear ice. Confirmation is expected tomorrow morning.

Option 2: Going to Sweden. Ferries are available from Tuesday morning.

Both sites will get new rain/snow Monday during the day/night.


Looking forward to seeing you. Think less snow!

Mihkel Kosk



Post meeting note:

There is going to be another meeting and update tomorrow at 11:00 same place. We will be updating you on the newest information we have. Hopefully we will be able to decide afterwards.