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Nov 23 2020

2020 Autumn DN Class Ballot Results

First Results of Autumn Ballot The Autumn 2020 IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA EU combined ballot closed at 23:45 (AST) November 22, 2020.  Two-thirds of ‘yes’ votes are required for a Question to pass.  The results are as follows: Fifty-six percent of eligible members participated in the ballot.  Abstentions were allowed on individual questions. Question 1: EPIC Agreement Amendment.  132 yes / 84 against (61.1% yes, Question 1 fails) Question 2: RMA Amendment.  184 yes / 46 against (80.0% yes, Question 2 passes) Question 3: Technical Specification A16, Hull Cross Section.  169 yes / 52 against (76.5% yes, Question 3 passes and comes into effect May 31, 2021) A report with the …

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Oct 24 2020

Membership 2020/21

Dear Fellow Icesailors, Signup for the 2020/21 membership is open. For registering to the upcoming season please click on this link and follow the instructions. Alternatively, the signup can be accessed through the sidebar and also under the menu “OFFICE >> IDNIYRA-EU Membership” Please make your payment of 25 EUR through PAYPAL or Credit Card as requested on the registration page. Do not send money via bank transfer!! (Except for the National Organisations membership fee) Think Ice,   Attila Pataky  

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Apr 16 2020


Dear Fellow Icesailors, As of today we haven’t received any nominations for the following vacancies, which would need to be filled on the upcoming National Secretaries’ Meeting: Vice-Commodore Auditor   Would you have any nominees to these positions, please let us know at by next Wednesday (22 April 2020).   Think Ice, Attila Pataky M-100  

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Apr 07 2020

Thank you for your Service

Dear All, Please find my open letter in the answer of the resignations of the Insurance Manager and the Webmaster. Think Ice, Attila Pataky Commodore

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Mar 01 2020

Annual European National Secretaries Meeting

Dear Fellow Icesailors, As you may know from the minutes of the Vienna meeting, the 2020 National Secretaries Meeting will be held on 25-26 April in Helsinki. According to our Organisation Rules “Issues for the agenda must be communicated to both the Commodore and Secretary at least 6 weeks before the meeting day”. Therefore I kindly ask you to send your notices, problems and recommendations, which you want to be discussed during the recent meeting to us till 14th of March to the e-mail addresses with the copy to Think Ice, Attila Pataky M-100

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Feb 15 2020

WC/EC 2020 – Closing Post

Dear Fellow Icesailors, Frieds of Icesailing, Today we have finished the 2020 World and European Championships. The weather conditions were challenging. As you know Orsasjön was the only lake in Europe to provide sufficient ice conditions for a regatta hosting 150 icesailors. The wind was moderate the first two days, but we still could sail 7 races, thus on the fourth day we finished the WC. The 2020 DN World Champion is: P- 155, Lukasz Zakrzewski We spent the last three days on the ice without wind, hoping that on the last day of the event we can sail the Europeans. Though we had the wind we were waiting for, but the …

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