During last weekend’s National Secretaries’ Meeting the following members were elected to serve as officers of the European DN Class:

Board Members (elected for 2 years):
Commodore: Mihkel Kosk (C45)
Vice-Commodore: John Winquist (L601)
Treasurer: Jerzy Henke (P58) (re-elected)

Other European Officers:
Auditor: Peter Uhlmann (OE213) (re-elected for 2 years)
EDNIA member (replacement for John Winquist for the remaining 5 years of his term): Mike Pettersson (L65)

Technical Committee:
There are multiple changes in personnel within the European delegation to the TC:
Richard Larsson has resigned due to personal reasons during the season. The 1 year remaining of his term will be filled in by David Croner (S1).
At the request of the Technical Committee and the North American DN Class, Peter Hamrák has been recalled from the TC due to allegations of questionable conduct. For the remainder of his term (3 years) Argo Vooremaa (C36) was elected.

The detailed Minutes of the Meeting will be available on the website within the upcoming weeks.

We welcome all new members to the administration of the European DN Class!

We would like to thank outgoing Commodore Attila Pataky M100, and former TC member Richard Larsson S807 for all their years of work for our Community.

(Cover picture – Left to Right: John Winquist, David Croner, Argo Vooremaa, Mike Peterson)