Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

This time last year we concluded the 2020 DN World Championship at the scenic Lake Orsa, Sweden. Please enjoy the replay of the event via the tracking provided by Kwindoo and our volenteering icesailors. With the cold weather moving in there are multiple events planned and on the way. Should anyone in the community wish to use the service this season, I do have an organiser’s account with which I would be happy to set up regattas free of charge. With it you can help the job of your Race Committee by providing valuable information, your loved ones at home and the iceboating community can follow and cheer you along from afar and you can also rewatch each race at any time later on. Don’t be shy to reach out by sending an email to with the planned location and date of the regatta and the contact information of the chief organiser/RC.

For more information and to download the app for your mobile phone, please visit:

All the Best, Stay Safe & Think Ice!