We, as former Commodores of IDNIYRA Europe, condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, but at the same time we do not consider it acceptable to exclude any individual sailor from the competitions organized by IDNIYRA Europe for this reason.

IDNIYRA Europe is an amateur sports organization that is far from any political expression and organizes its membership on the basis of good sportsmanship, good community spirit and well-meaning rivalry. We organize our sports events in this spirit and try to stay away from everyday politics as far as possible.

We do not think it is right to encounter discrimination on any of our sailors in an invitation to an event. This contradicts to all of our Governing Documents. Since our organization is not a member of either the IOC or World Sailing, the statements and recommendations issued by these organizations cannot be a guide for our organization in any way.

We hope that the Governing Body of IDNIYRA Europe will be able to quickly resolve this misunderstanding and that we will continue to meet our Russian and Belarusian friends at our events.

Niklas Müller-Hartburg former Commodore (2006-2010)
Jörg Bohn former Commodore (2010-2016)
Attila Pataky former Commodore (2016-2022)