Dear all, I hope this posting finds you healthy and not affected by the virus. Hard times for us all which hopefully will pass soon.
Tomorrow (March 25th.) the IDNIYRA members will get an invitation by email to vote online for a ballot. This has a little bit a historical character, because its the first electronic vote for a ballot of IDNIYRA after years of struggling to make it real. It saves time, money and efforts for the organisations in NA and EU. Check your mailbox and please take advantage of the convenience of an electronic ballot and vote!

This vote IDNIYRA NA and IDNIYRA EU members will vote separately and the two Governing Committees will combine the results of the two ballots. Two-thirds of those voting must approve a proposal for it to be approved. Any proposals approved will come into effect on May 31, 2020 and will be reflected in the 2021 IDNIYRA Yearbook.

There are four proposed changes to the IDNIYRA Technical Specifications:
(1) deletion of the existing specification of mast minimum weight;
(2) deletion of the existing technical specification of minimum mast balance point height;
(3) amendment of the materials specification of the ‘wood type’ runner body; and,
(4) amendment of the minimum thickness of insert plate dimensions of the wood type runner with steel insert (insert runner).

The on-line ballot will close on Wednesday 15 April.