Dear Fellow Icesailors,

Please find the Modified NOR for the 2019 DN European Championship and EuroCup.

We needed to make some changes in it because receiving a late warning from our lawyers and because of that, I decided to suspend the reorganization procedure in our European Community. Recently the lawyers are studying the case and hopefully will come up with a solution soon. It was just a warning and doesn’t mean that we did something illegal.

Unfortunately, we are now in time constrain because the NOR was already due to publish and the registration procedure will start within less than three weeks. Therefore as a temporary solution, we have to revert to the old system

giving time to the lawyers to find out whether we have to change anything in our continental documents.
I would underline that it is a temporary action only and we as the European DN Community continue supporting the changes decided earlier. Definitely, we will find a solution to proceed according to the agreement made between the two Continental Organisations in April this year.
What should be done in the next few weeks?
1. We suspend the collection of EU Membership Fee on our website. Who already paid will receive back the amount paid.
2. The NOR is modified and sent out. The so-called IDNIYRA EU Fee, equal to 45,- €, is included again.
3. Get a detailed legal view on the situation and the draft of the accordingly adjusted Constitution.
Only after all this done we can continue the reorganization process.
Sorry for the caused inconvenience, but it is better making one step back now than run into some difficulties later.
Your Commodore,
Attila Pataky


Notice of Race_EC 2019 - mod