Dear Iceboaters,

the location for the European Championships 2015 is Tartu/Estonia.

The sailing area will be on Lake Võrtsjärv, appr. 45 mins to drive from Tartu.

Please consider the difficult weather circumstances this season, which led to this decision. Nevertheless these are the best conditions for sailing the EC. See Jörgs assessment of the conditions at the bottom of this posting.

The coordinates for the launching side are: 58.211127, 26.108671 . The area for the launching side is kindly provided by the Võrtsjärve Museum, so please be also kind and follow all given instructions for the use if there are any. Approaching the lake you’ll find signs “järvemuuseum” “Limnoloogia jaam” some kms before. Map: Road to the lake

The race course will be appr. 7km from the launching side and you have to pay attention for cracks (see Map and Pictures from Icecheck), cause they are not marked in this early state, later they will be marked of course.

1Icecheck-Vortsjarv26-Feb-15 2Icecheck-Vortsjarv26-Feb-15


At Lake Vörtsjärv the temperatures are slightly higher than in Sweden. The ice that I will see soon appears as hard ice of 30cm thickness. Such an ice can last up to a week even in plus degrees. There is -2 right now and will be the following night. Then night temperatures will be between 0 and 2 and the day temperatures between 3 and 5 degrees. From Wednesday on it will get colder there as well. The windspeed is supposed to be 6 m/s Monday and Tuesday and then 5 m/s Wednesday. Thursday no wind and light wind around Friday noon. Now please think of running qualifiers again. We could have more than 10 races in by Wednesday per fleet.