Insurance IDs for 2020/21 season

Dear Fellow Icesailors,

The season is here and I received very few insurance policies to check and to assign insurance ID.

Please read the instruction and send your insurance to the Insurance Manager as soon as possible.

Think Ice,

Attila Pataky

INSURANCE – What to Know 2020


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  1. Hi!
    I think it is because cancelled EC. But can you please clarify if insurance will be needed for non-ranking EuroCup? Most probably yes so we need to align timeline – once non ranking Eurocup is confirmed then give people time to buy insurance and send it over to you. I heard many not buying them in advance since no clarity if competitions will happen at all because of travel restrictions.


    Artis O-2

  2. Artis,

    The insurance is needed because icesailing is an extreme sport. It is not for a specific event, but any activity, including local championships, and even training. So it is recommended to have insurance for everybody for the whole season.



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