Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

The 2022 National Secretaries’ Meeting was held during the last weekend with great participation from both sides of the Pond. Matters were discussed and decisions were made.

During the election, the choice of Commodore was between Attila and me. The votes were almost a tie, very close. One might say that we have a split in DN Europe. I feel differently, as I was getting good support from sailors and I hope to get it in the future as well! 

I would like to give a Big Thank You to Attila for the time and work he put into IDNIYRA-Europe! He has become a true Ambassador for the DN Class in the world and for me leaves big shoes to step into! Also a Big Thank You to All of the Board Members for all your work and time.

For me the start will be ruff and not easy, decisions are to be made sometimes quickly. And then comes the daily workload. But I think the majority of the DN fleet is more together and on the same page as ever before! I’m very happy about that and time will tell if we make the right decisions for the DN future!

Thank You John Winqvist L601 for becoming my Vice Commodore, and the rest of the Board for continuing. I would also like to Thank Mike Peterson L65, for stepping in as EDNIA, David Croner S1, and Argo Vooremaa C36 for stepping in as TC member replacements for the remainder of the terms!

I’m looking forward to working with you all.

Think Ice,

Mihkel Kosk (C-45)