Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

After 20 years of serving the Class in different positions, it is time for me to finally have fun in ice sailing, step back and pass all duties to the younger generation. At our regular Annual Meeting, a new Commodore and a new Vice Commodore were elected. I congratulate Mikhel Kosk and Johny Winquist on their new positions and wish them success, patience, and wisdom in their work. I hope they will bring new, fresh ideas and more young sailors to our Class.

I started my work in the DN Class in 2002 when the Hungarian Fleet rejoined IDNIYRA Europe after a 25 years break. I can state that it was a pleasure to work with all of you on the former and recent Boards. Thank you for your support!

I would also like to say thank you to whole the ice sailing community. Though sometimes my decisions were questioned by some of the sailors, I assure you that they were always driven by my willingness to serve the Class to the best of my ability.

I wish the new Board success and lots of energy to serve the Class. I will always support them in the future and provide advice if they require so.

Best wishes to all of you for the upcoming summer season and keep your runners sharp.

Think Ice,

Attila Pataky