Dear Fellow Ice sailors,


You may have heard from your National Secretary that we have changed our European membership structure this summer. It was made by online vote after our Secretaries Meeting in Budapest.

In the new system there will be no more EU-Fee, but rather a European Membership Fee, which we promised to lower in order to let most of the European sailors to pay it and become a European Member with certain privileges even if they do not intend to participate in AC, EC or WC.

The decision made is read as follows:

“The European Membership Fee will be 25 EUR if paid until 31 October 2018, 24:00. Late payment after that deadline will be on double amount, i.e. 50 EUR.”

Because of some technical reasons, the timing had to be changed to the following:


  • Membership online-entry will go online on 15.10.2018 (Godie will setup a separate section in our website)
  • The fee to be paid until 01.12. is 25,- €, (this is the date when the registration for EC 2019 starts)
  • After that deadline, a double fee is to be paid, i.e. 50,- €


All EU-Member privileges are listed in our new Organisation Rules, which you can find under link:

All background material can be found in the new Runner Tracks. You can find it at:


Think Ice and keep your runners sharp,


Attila Pataky