After the 50th regatta, future of DN ?

Well if the weather is good then we are all happy and we get a successful regata! After many years we were lucky for a change and we all needed that and hopefully it keeps us going for some time!
Big thanks to all, especially those who traveled a long distance!
Many things are good and many things we hope that would be better. I hope that “after sail BBQ” is one of the things that will happen every year, I think it’s a better solution than a big dinner (money to sosial effect)! On no sailing days some sort of TOP sailors talk is something that we need to try out / work out.
DN juniors in the big event … I am happy and I think it’s a step in the right direction just as the kids get to sail and find competition to their level. They will make huge steps forward in big events. There is also the cost and time effect to be considered. As we don’t have a problem with big numbers for the main event of the year lets welcome them back.
Ice-Optimist is another thing and making sure that there is not too much time wasted as what happened this year. One class per course and small fleet is just so much quicker if conditions are good and what to do with the rest of the day time? There is also the question of participants and the value in WC and EC titles, so take a look at what’s happening in your local Opti fleet. For sure there is no point moving outside of EST today. Maybe IceOptie fleet should be a local training platform for DN future in mind and just for kids to have fun!
So called “Big Boys” top sailors and some of their attitude tours fellow sailors, but much more to newbies as just there are no rules (Port/Starboard) is sad and bad. On the bright side there were guys who after the race came up and said sorry and asked if they should resign from that race. So guys give out more, be open and you will gain more in the end! Question is the role of the Jury, might be that their function in our class is to fill out paperwork after damage is done? And it might be our future sailing style in DN class … we make the class!
So there is a bit of time before the spring national meeting! Time to write up your suggestions and ideas for the future of the class. EC next year, Finland is hosting us so it’s up to you Finland!!! Maybe let’s start registration on Sunday and racing Monday, upto 12 races (two throw out) and last 5 count to EuroCUP (without a throw out), last day of racing is Friday. With organising the event there is no point to land in any hotel on Saturday because it’s difficult to get the rooms that we need. Might be a solution to make it a long weekend as we might get bigger numbers of sailors who can get two weekends away from home and work?
Season is half way done for the northern part of the EU … let’s sail and have fun!
Think of fast ice and we all are lucky to have something to remember from Pärnu 2024 for sure!
Mihkel Kosk