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Jan 03 2016


Dear Fellow Iceboaters!   It is just to remind you that next weekend (8-10 January 2016) is the date for the MITROPA TROPHY, which is organized by the Hungarian DN Class. The weather forecast is promising and we have already several spots here in Hungary for the event. Valence Lake has today 4-5 cm of smooth ice and according to the forecast next week it will be suitable and safe to organize the event. Wednesday I will travel to the Tisza Lake to check the conditions there. According to the information received for the local people they have 6-8 cm of black ice and there will be below -10 degC temperatures …

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Jan 03 2016


Dear Fellow Iceboaters! The cold weather is here and we have more and more spots with good ice. Unfortunately it is not mirrored in the ICEREPORT section of our official website.   Please provide as much info as you can about the ice conditions in your vicinity to let the other sailors choosing perfect sites for training before the coming WC. Or just to have FUN!!   Think Ice   Attila Pataky Vice Commodore  

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Nov 18 2015


Dear Fellow Iceboaters,   The NOR for Mitropa Trophy is out and the Official Site is ready for receiving your registration. You can find all information on MITROPA TROPHY Official Site.   Think Ice,   Attila Pataky M 100

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Jan 08 2015

Hungarian Championship

The 2015 Hungarian Championship will be held this weekend on Velence Lake at Agárd. For the details please check our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/DN.Hungary   Attila M-100

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Mar 31 2014

Guess which year

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Feb 26 2014

Ice Scouting 2014 – next day

Today we checked two other sites in Estonia. Parnu has good conditions, but the launching is a little bit challenging. Big frozen area with no obstacles. The ice thicness is 35+ cm. The surface is even.   Later on we arrived to Haapsalu, where we found excellent ice. All the bay is frozen, no major cracks. The ice thickness is 35+ cm, black ice. We had excellent training during the day. The surface remained hard and fast even late afternoon.   Check http://due-north2014.tumblr.com/ for the photos.   Today I received information from Jörg that the conditions in Poland getting better, thus if everything will be OK, then of course Poland will …

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