Dear Participants,


The weather in Europe is changing. A week ago I thought it will be an easy decision on the site of the event, but today I face real difficulties.


The primary sites in Czech Republic are out. There are thick snow ice and some snow cover on the surface of the original black ice and in case of warm weather (which we expect throughout Europe) it will melt into slush.

Neusiedler-See is not safe enough. The warm currents washed the lower surface of the ice and there are big areas with only 3-5 cm of ice thickness. Since the ice is washed from the water side, there is no visual signs of it from above. Very dangerous. One of our Hungarian icesailors ran on such surface on this weekend, where he crashed and it took him to get out from the cold water about twenty minutes.

Balaton is till promising. We have here 20+ cm hard and safe black ice with clear surface. The warm weather is coming here, too. Hungarian iceboaters will continuously monitor the conditions here and report me.

Today myself with my son will start our ice scouting tour heading West Poland, to check the ice there. The Polish Championship was held there last weekend and the Juniors are there recently.

Would you have any place near you, which is worth to visit, please let me know.

Please contact me on any of the channels below.

phone: +36 30 447 3688


patakiati (Skype)


The final decision will be made on Friday afternoon.


Think Ice,