First Results of Autumn Ballot

The Autumn 2020 IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA EU combined ballot closed at 23:45 (AST) November 22, 2020.  Two-thirds of ‘yes’ votes are required for a Question to pass.  The results are as follows:

Fifty-six percent of eligible members participated in the ballot.  Abstentions were allowed on individual questions.

  • Question 1: EPIC Agreement Amendment.  132 yes / 84 against (61.1% yes, Question 1 fails)
  • Question 2: RMA Amendment.  184 yes / 46 against (80.0% yes, Question 2 passes)
  • Question 3: Technical Specification A16, Hull Cross Section.  169 yes / 52 against (76.5% yes, Question 3 passes and comes into effect May 31, 2021)

A report with the breakdown of votes by continent will follow once those results are received from the voting software contractor. The members support to the governance of the DN Class is appreciated.


Attila Pataky (M-100) Commodore IDNIYRA EU
Warren Nethercote (KC 3786) Commodore IDNIYRA