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Feb 24 2018


The Opening Ceremony will take place today (24/02) at 16:30 in the Harbor EKOMARINA. We’ll have a small party after the ceremony. All are welcome. Unfortunately we have to move to another site. There are a few possibilities in Poland.  The Offical Announcement about the new site will be after the Opening Ceremony. Stay tuned and Think Ice (with less snow), Your Commodore, Attila Pataky M-100    

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Feb 22 2018

WC/EC 2018 – IceScouting (Fourth Report) – DECISION

  As promised yesterday morning we checked the conditions in Orjaku Bay. It is a very nice place with a lot of new facilities and a great area to sail. Unfortunately, the ice is covered by 6-8 cm old and heavy snow. I would have loved to hold the WC/EC 2018 there, but looking at the weather forecasts it would either be a pushing competition with low winds or in higher winds some competitors could come back with frostbites. Extremely cold weather and more snow are predicted for the area. There were reports of some other promising areas in Poland, but as of today, the ice thickness is not sufficient to …

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