Last two days we checked Lake Rekyva near Siaulai (Lithuania) and the bay near Üüdibe on Island of Saaremaa (Estonia).

Rekyva has good, stable black ice without any cracks. The only problem is the snow cover of 7-8 cm. As now it is light snow, but easily can turn to heavy, which hard to sail.  For photos check the link.

Üüdibe bay could be promising for a smaller regatta. The ice is growing there day-by-day and the snow cover is light, only 1-2 cm. Unfortunately the space is limited, not more than 1,5 km from the shore to the new thin ice. There is no chance to sail the WC/EC here.  Some pictures here.

Today evening we move towards Hiiumaa and will check the ice in Orjaku Bay.

Keep tuned, the decision comes on Thursday.


Think Ice,


Your Commodore

Attila Pataky