Good evening. We are just off the ice. This is Deb Whitehorse here.  Jorge has been so kind as to give me the keys to the website in order to give you a short report of today’s racing. Provisional results are coming if they haven’t already been posted.
The day started out rather gloomy and foggy as you can see by the photo of the skipper’s meeting below. The PROs Henny and Dann announced that racing would begin at 10:00. There was quite a bit of pushing to get out to the course but once all boats arrived, the fog floated away and was replaced with some nice wind. The ice became wetter by the hour and we all have wet feet tonight.

Racing went off very fast even with a few course changes because of shifting wind. The best line of the day was when Christian Seegers, speaking as a father, said “this is what we hope for” when he learned of the result of Argo Vooremaa C36 winning a race in which he beat his father, Vaiko, C6.

There are a couple of  protest hearings tonight but today’s racing went safely and well. Winners of today include P114, C6, C36 for the A fleet.

In B fleet, C23,P154 each won a race. I headed back home during the last B race so I didn’t see the results. OE221 won the first C race.
Stand by today’s provisional results.

9 AM Skipper's Meeting

9 AM Skipper’s Meeting