Dear Friends

Too many days to the next Weekend to announce anything. Our current main focus is on Poland and Sweden. Depending on the outcome of the snow predictions for tomorrow and Wednesday the current situation may change overnight!  At least we are lucky and have areas with ice and no snow in the forcast (e.g. lake  Glan in Sweden).

Today we received several Reports from Vistula Lagoon (Krynica Morska) and Wladyslawowo/Puck. Also from Lake Glan in Sweden and the Stockholm area.

Niklas will be out on the ice tomorrow in Kadiny (Vistula Lagoon) and check it. Attila startet today as well and is tonight in Zegrze. Both are checking ice tomorrow and Wednesday in Poland. I’m about to leave for Sweden to verify the Reports from there.

We are aware that many of us rely on ferries that are cruising not every day. For the Swedes the last ferry from Stockholm to Gdansk departs Wednesday evening and for the Poles including the PRC the last one from Gdansk leaves Thursday evening. There is another Ferry from Karlskrona as well and even a journey around past Denmark is not too bad both ways (southern Sweden or Gdansk). It even saves time in comparisson to the Ferry. A decision before Thursday is not likely! Right now everything is possible!

Keep you posted!