World and European Championship 2016 Update 1

Dear Friends

Less than a week to the Championship. It is to early to tell you where we will have strong ice, no or little snow and wind on January 24th (first racing day) and following.

But we can close in already a little!

The main Focus is currently on Poland and Germany. We are still waiting for reports from Denmark and Sweden as well. The Baltic States all got hit by lots of snow and are not considered any more. Austria is out too.

In the following days we are checking several other options that were reported. We have one Location in Poland, that has been sailed today and promises no further rain or snow. We are checking others in Poland in the first half of this week. In Germany the “Saaler Bodden” area has been sailed today too and defintely serves as a backup or perhaps more, depending on temperature development.

We will keep you informed about the latest here! Stay tuned and of course we’ll try to do the final call well before Friday, if possible.






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