Dear friends,



this is an in advance information concerning registration for WC/EC 2016.


In the coming season we have a novelty.

At the National Secretaries Meeting we introduced the so called “Early-Entry”.

This means, every sailor who makes an online-registration within the first 14 days after registration has opened is allowed to pay a reduced entry-fee.


Please keep in mind that you only can register with an Insurance-ID.

Please be aware that this time WC/EC will be in January and registration opens on 01. December 2015 (12:00 CET). So “Early-Entry” will be possible until 15. December 2015 (24:00 CET).


Further information you will get – as usual – in the NOR, which I plan to post on this web-site latest on 25. October 2015.


You can send your confirmation of cover from now on.


Thanks and Think Ice



OE 221