WC/EC 2018

Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

The weather does not spoil us this winter.  Juniors, as well as XV monotype sailors made extensive ice scouting and found that the Baltic States were the most suitable places for their championships. Though there are almost three weeks remained till the beginning of the DN WC/EC we should start collecting information for making the proper decision.

Unfortunately the ICEREPORTS section of our webpage is very obsolete. The latest and only post in this season is dated 18 December 2017.  :((

Please use this page and upload as many reports as you can to keep me informed about the situation throughout Europe. You can also e.mail me directly on address: commodore@idniyra.eu.

I will start my ice-scouting tour on 17th February. Any help in finding the most suitable place holding the 2018 DN WC/EC would be highly appreciated.


Attila Pataky



+36 (30) 447 3688




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