Vikajärvi Memorial 2013


We have found ice in Lapland and we will have Vikajärvi Memorial Regatta this weekend.

Friday we have Johny Köhler cup regatta.

Area i will but later,because we have two possibility. Muonio or Inari.

Please send me text massage or call    +358400462265  Timo if you are coming.






Welcome to the first ice sailing regatta of the year! The Vikajärvi Memorial dates are 16th and 17th of November and we’ll also have the traditional Johnny Köhler cup before the official regatta at friday 15th of November. Ice situation looks promising, we have currently two possible locations in Lapland either lake Pallasjärvi at Muonio or unspecified lake in Kuusamo. We’ll monitor the ice situation during the weekend and post update after this. There is also some information available at DN Europe Facebook page.

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  1. Dear DNfi/ Timo Caravitis Muonio and Kuusamo is to far North for me and my mate Richard Larsson. I know week 46 is tradition but have you consider to move to week 48 instead (this year). Then we have a possibility for ice closer to Turku and Helsinki, closer to ferrys, much safer and easier with less driving. More sailors will come then….Think (closer) ice/S8

  2. Hei we have a race week 49. We have this 49 also every year. Sorry that you cant make it. See you soon. L-37

  3. Ok perfect.

    • on 12. November 2013 at 14:31

    The race is on!

    Race site is lake Pallasjärvi in Muonio, finnish Lapland.

    Driving instructions here:
    Accomodation here:
    Weather forecast here

    Please register to L-37 +358400462265 if you are coming.

    Welcome to Finland and see you on the Pallasjärvi ice!

    Timo L-731

    • on 12. November 2013 at 14:51

    The accomodation can be reserved here:

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