Update 3 DN World- and European Championship 2014


I will get bacl to you with the final decision tomorrow noon 12am.

We are lucky tp have found perfect places with now reasonable forcasts for both, Estonia and Poland.

From tonights view Poland is favoured.

Stay tuned for teh final decision tomorrow!






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  1. Can we see some pictures of this perfect ice from Poland??

  2. Can we see some pictures of this perfect ice from Poland??

    • on 27. February 2014 at 08:11

    Hey Guys,
    Something funny is going on here with this Poland is favored stuff.
    We did not see any convincing proof jet of the Polish ice situation and no one has filed any report jet where the event would take place, how thick is the ice or what the surface looks like.
    Only rumors go around that the Polish fleet made some commitments for sponsors, and that is why the Worlds is forced to be there.
    Please, Jörg before you make your decision let everybody know that it is based on certain facts and it takes into consideration of everybody’s interest.
    Thanks for your understanding and for your work!

    Peter Hamrak

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