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Great news, the race is on for the upcoming weekend!

We have three viable venue options and will decide which one we go for tomorrow afternoon (no later than 15:00 CET) based on ice, weather forecast etc.

  1. Hudiksvallsfjärden (Baltic sea), Hudiksvall
    20-50 cm smooth black ice, no snow (will be checked again 12/2)
  2. Västeråsfjärden (lake Mälaren), Västerås
    15-20 cm bumpy snow ice (will be checked again 12/2)
  3. Lake Roxen, Linköping
    20 cm snow ice (hard smooth surface)

 If you haven’t already registered, head over to www.dnsweden.com for more info and registration form.


UPDATE #3 // LAUNCHING SITE | 2015-02-12

We have decided to go for Hudiksvallsfjärden outside of Hudiksvall. Launching site will be at “Mellanbyns Fritidsområde” .

Map and more info on accomodation etc. will follow shortly on http://www.dnsweden.com.

See you all on Saturday!