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WC/EC 2020 – Camping Orsa Information

WC/EC 2020 – Camping Orsa Information

Dear Fellow Icesailors,

Herewith you can find the map of the Orsa Camping with some notes:

When you enter the gate (code: 3628) you can park your cars ONLY on the designated areas.

PLEASE do not park on other places, because it will not be tolerated by the camping administration and the gates will be closed, which means everybody will need to park afterwards on the parking lot before the reception.

The toilets are in the service houses. The code to open the door is: 6971

The race office is on the right side of the road, as you drive into the camping area. It is a grey wooden barrack.

The registration starts tomorrow afternoon as the race committee arrives (appr. 17:00)

See you on the ice.


Think Ice,

Attila Pataky

WC/EC 2020 – Late entry @ Check-in

All sailors, who would like to make a late entry at the check-in shall have a checked by the Insurance Manager insurance. If you did it earlier, you should have an Insurance ID assigned already, if not then bring your insurance policy to the check-in.

In advance please read the “What-to-know” post sent earlier.

To speed-up your entry and check-in I recommend sending your policy to the Insurance Manager ( in advance to get your ID assigned.

Think Ice,

Attila Pataky

Ice scouting 2020 – POSTPONEMENT

Dear Fellow Icesailors,

I received information that my earlier post was not clear enough about the postponement.


Because of the accommodation problems on this weekend in Sweden, the 2020 WC/EC will be postponed!

The new schedule of the event is:

09 February 2020:

Arrival to the site, registration starts as the PRC will be on the site

10 February 2020:

8:00 – Registration continues

11:00 – Opening Ceremony

12:00 – Skippers Meeting

13:00 – Start of first qualification race

From that point the schedule will follow the NOR.

Think Ice

Attila Pataky


Ice scouting 2020 – First post

Dear Fellow Icesailors,

This year the weather made ice scouting easy on one hand and difficult on another hand.

It is easy because there is no wide choice of sailable ice in Europe and it is difficult because of the hotels near the place, where we found the ice, are fully booked this time.

Thus I have to postpone the event, to have the chance for everybody to book accommodation in the reach of the launching site, which will be the Orsa Camping. We will have there all the racing facilities.

The position of the launching site is:

The camping still has free 4 and 6 beds houses.

Please book your houses starting from Sunday (9th of February).

The Orsa Camping accommodation can be reserved by emailing to with a copy to The Grönklitts Gruppen have other accommodation facilities in the neighbourhood as well. Please quote in your reservation “DN WORLDS”.

Unfortunately, there are no big hotels in the neighbourhood, where we could have arranged the Headquarters. There are small hotels, hostels and private houses to book in Orsa, Lindänget, Vattnäs and Mora.

This decision is preliminary that you may make all travel arrangements.

Think ice,

Attila Pataky


Dear Fellow Icesailors, Friends of the Class

We invite you, your relatives and friends to the 2020 DN World and European Championships.

Please find the Notice of Race attached and read it carefully.

Important dates to consider:

  • 20th December 2019 – The online registration opens
  • 13th January 2020 – Deadline to send insurances for checking
  • 16th January 2020 – Last day to register on the single entry fee

See you on the ice,

The Board of IDNIYRA Europe