After two days of intense competition between the future of our sport on Lake Kertuoja, Lithuania, the 2023 Junior World Championship in DN & IceOptimist Classes was concluded on Tuesday, March 7th.

Unfortunately due to snow and intense winds the Junior European Championships were not sailed this year.

2023 Junior Ice Optimist World Championship results

Over-all Top 3:
1. C3 Aron Poolma, Estonia
2. C1 Emma Mia Kaar, Estonia
3. C28 Anni Kubjas, Estonia

Top3 Female sailors:
1. C1 Emma Mia Kaar, Estonia
2. C28 Anni Kubjas, Estonia
3. C191 Leene Väliste, Estonia

2023 Junior DN World Championship

Over-all Top 3
1. S714 Oskar Svensson, Sweden
2. C20 Rasmus Maalinn, Estonia
3. P90 Cezary Sternicki, Poland

Top3 Female sailors:
1. C50 Lisbeth Taggu, Estonia
2. P102 Laura Banach, Poland
3. T24 Greta Kalinauskaitė, Lithuania

Congratulations to All & Thank you for coming!

Detailed results are the following:

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Photo: SailsUp

More information: 2023 JWC Regatta Page