Dear Sailors,
tonight I again looked after the problems some of you had when registering. They found themselves in a not ending loop after typing in their sail number and ID. This is not a bug of the entry procedure, this is due to the browser safety settings on the devices of the sailors. Browser of today sometimes prevent automatically the internal forwarding, sometimes it is set by the users, more or less with intend. The online entry programming cannot be adapted to the many browsers on the market in different versions and numerous different user settings. That would be a Sisyphus work. For the next season I will look for a solution to prevent blocking.
Now I researched following browsers and was able to do an entry!!:
iPad (Apple):
Safari / 1st try
Firefox / 1st try

Chrome / 2nd try
Firefox / 2nd try

Smartphone (Android):
Chrome / 2nd try

The absolute only solutions I now can suggest are:
– follow the loop and do it twice (should work in most cases)
– take an other browser
– take an other device
– take an other device and with an other browser
– empty your browser cache
– set your personal browser settings to “Standard”

Wish you success, Godie