2015EditionNIA-RulesDear DN friends,
there is a new version of the NIA rules out now. This 2015 edition contains 2 additional race course configurations (DARLING COURSE and INLINE COURSE) and new clear rules containing …

  • Updated definitions and clauses to support the use of the DARLING COURSE or INLINE COURSE.
  • Clarification on yachts which must keep clear while approaching the windward MARK on opposite TACKS.
  • Updated restrictions on propulsion.
  • A new rule which prohibits sailing between the LEEWARD MARK and the starting line immediately after the start.
  • Clarification on approaching and crossing the finish line.

Please read the summary of Tim McCormick (a member of NIA). He briefly described the changes of the rules.

2015 NIA Racing Rules Change Summary

2015 Edition NIA Rules