Dear friends,

After the decision of our Commodore for the site of WC/EC 2018 confusing informations were posted  on this page (WC/EC Primary site update) and as far as I know in several social media by some sailors from Estonia, because they were not happy with the decision.

They explained how nice the ice would be in Estonia, how nice the weather forecast would be for Estonia ……

But at the end it came out that the decision of the Commodore was perfect, because in Estonia came more than too much snow and way too cold temperatures – we would not have sailed a meter.

I could not find any statement from the wrong guys about that.

The wrong information was just uncommented left.

I want to state out, that in my mind this is not fair to the commodore .

In my mind it would have been good sportsmanship to tell via the same media that the commodore was right – an apology I do not dare to expect.

Have a nice summer and please think about your postings.


OE 221