Dear young iceboaters and supporting parents, coaches

Vistula Lagoon, Mazurian Lakes, Siemianówka are out because of snow.

Fortunetally we still have ice without snow in Central and Western Poland.

This weekend Polish DN Fleet have plans to have Polish Championschips. There are three spots taken into consideration in Poland:

  1. Żnin lake
  2. Wielemie Lake in Szczecinek
  3. Gardno Lake near Ustka

We still need to patient because of dynamic weather forecasts. If they are good for Poland – we stay in Poland.

If not – we have news from Lithuania: Saulai, Elektronai, Nida – thick ice and no snow.

If no Lithuania – we have backup for today in Estonia and Hungary.

The final decision will be posted on Saturday, the 11th of Feburary


Jerzy Sukow, P345, JPM IDNIYRA