Hi all young icesailors, trainers and couches !

Thank you all for todays great icesailing and good cooperation on the Siemianowka ice !

We should meet tomorrow at skippers meeting 9:00 in harbour .

First planned race : Ice-Optimist 10:00.

We have to sail 3 races Ice-Optimist and 2  DN- Junior to finish World Championship !

After this will be short braek and hot soup on the ice and we will start European Championship races.

EC will continue on Friday and last race latest 13:00…

I would like to invite all of You to “Carino ” hotel in Nowe Wloki tomorrow  Thursday Feb 7th 18:30

to have Junior World’s 2019 trophy presentation with dinner ( hot and cold dishes and drinks) for everybody .

Later we plan Junior Program Meeting there to discuss all proposals and suggestions for the future.

Everybody are welcome !

Think Ice.


Stan Macur  DN P-111.