Dear Iceboaters, Coaches, Parents

The main Junior Event is closer and closer. I realize that every of you is wondering where you are going to take place. There is no sailable ice in Poland, Lithuania so the primary site – Estonia – primary site and Latvia as the reserve are the countries where we still can sail on JWC 2016. Due to Estonian Ice Sailing Union members we have information about three sailable lakes in Estonia. There is still aproximetally 20-25 cm of hard ice. According to the weather forecasts after a few warmer days, it is going to freeze again on the nearest Thurday, the 11th of Feb.

It`s still to early to point the best spot so please, stay tuned.

I hope to inform you as soon as it is possible about the place of JWC 2016.

Think Ice

Jerzy Sukow, P-345, IDNIYRA JPM