Dear DN Friends season is round the corner,
it is not so far away that lakes and bays will freeze and give us the medium we could not await eagerly every year. There is already something in the pipe you should take note of.
First: Look for a ballot with the Dyneema Halyard issue, you have to get from your National Secretary. Please take this opportunity to bring in your opinion.
Second: Look in the calendar and see the deadlines and dates for the upcoming events.
Third: This season there is also an insurance ID assigning and entry procedure for the Juniors on our website.
Fourth: Online vote for ballots is in discussion since years. What is your opinion on that? Please take part in an upcoming online survey.

Fifth – the most important for now is the date for the season opener in Lappland/Finland, Olli Virta L-121 the new National Secretary of Finland sended this. See also the next posting with the complete Finnish races list.

Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints regatta        18-20.11.2016

Details on Finnish website