It`s time to register on DN Junior and Ice Optimist Championschips 2018

Dear young ice-sailors, parents and coaches

The registration fr DN Junior and Ice Optimist Word and European Championschips )JWC-JEC 2018) has been opened.

How to register in few steps?

  1. send your proof of insurance to: Write your sailnumber, indicate JUNIOR if you want to start in JWC/JEC 2018 or JUNIOR and SENIOR if you want to start in JWC/JEC 2018 and WC/EC 2018
  2. If you need Single Event Insurance, please send email to to inform about it
  3. check your insurance ID (4-digit number here):
  4. register with your sailnumber and insurance ID here:
  5. pay the entry fee on the bank account number indicated in the entry confirmation email

THINK ICE and see you soon

Jerzy Sukow, P345, IDNIYRA Junior Programme Manager

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  1. concerning Single Event Insurance:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: To avoid any misunderstanding I have to inform that the so called “Single Event Insurance” is only for sailors from countries where we KNOW that they do not have any chance to get a proper insurance or an insurance for a tolerable amount.

    First of all the goal is, that every sailor should have an insurance for the whole season. Not only at WC and EC. Second we try to have a spread of the risk. So the idea of the “Single Event Insurance” is only to make it every sailor possible to take part at WC (when held in Europe) and EC – not to make it easy for everyone to get an insurance. Please accept that not everybody who is asking for, will get a “Single Event Insurance”.

    The SEI will be treated as every other insurance.

    The only difference is, that you have to ask for the SEI instead you send your confirmation.

    If you ask before the deadline you get assigned an ID for a regular entry, if you ask afterwards ….

    If you make a “Late-Entry” at regatta check-in you can get the SEI according to the rules at regatta check-in.

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