International Polish Championship 2015

This weekend 14-15.02.2015 we are going to race International Polish Championship.

Here is NOR.

Final decision: Thursday, 1200.


I checked the ice in Okartowo – it’s sailable but difficult. The race is ON!

Take every kind of runners you have… even angles.

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    • on 10. February 2015 at 21:10

    Dear All!

    I know some of you want to sail in PL with us this weekend. I also know, that you would like to know earlier (especially – SWE and Z) the final decision. Unfortunately I cannot tell you all now – come! The snow cover is only melting now and there is no way to know whether the ice will be sailable by this very weekend.

    In this tricky winter, we all need to be patient… I will announce the decision by Thursday noon.

    Best regards,
    dr Maciej Brosz, P247.

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