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JWC/JEC 2023 Deadlines Extended!

JWC/JEC 2023 Deadlines Extended!

Dear Young Icesailors, Coaches & Parents,

Good News!

We decided to extend our submission and registration deadlines for the 2023 Junior World & European Championships.

If you wish to take part in the event please Register your account and submit your Insurance Policy via before: 2023.02.17!

More info on the insurance criteria:

Regular Entry closes: 2023.02.19!

Please make your event entry before the deadline to avoid the late fee.

Please be aware that the exemption from the late fee only applies to host country sailors incase the regatta cannot be sailed at the original location and the regatta is moved to another country.

Think Ice,

Stan Macur

Junior Programme Manager

Updated Notice of Race:

NOR JWC 2023

IT Support:

Reminder: EC 2023 What to know?

Reminder: EC 2023 What to know?

The icesailing season is now in full throttle! This year’s DN Gold Cup & North American Championship will start next weekend.

Also for us here in Europe the first deadline for registration to compete at the European Championship & EuroCup 2023 is now less than a week away!

Please be sure to that you have completed the following preparations to compete at the EC 2023:


Have you paid your membership for the 2022-23 season?

In line with the Race Management Agreement, DN Class Regattas are open to any member in good standing of the IDNIYRA or IDNIYRA-Europe. Members in Europe also have to be members of their National Icesailing Fleets.


Have you submitted your TPL Insurance for approval?

Please be aware of the upcoming deadline:

Insurance Check for Regular Entry will be done by our Insurance Manager until 2023.01.20.
Only competitors who have uploaded their TPL Insurance until the insurance deadline will be able to make event entry at the regular price. Most of the submitted insurance have already been checked.


Have you Registered for the EC 2023?

Now it’s time to make payment of the entry fee. Make your Event Entry Registration before 2023.01.22 for the Regular Fee (€220)


Worried about Heath and Safety?

We have updated the Notice of Race to better adopt to the current COVID-19 Measures in Europe (see attached pdf)


Got an IceWise Plank?

If you own an Icewise plank, please perform an invasive test BEFORE the championship.

During the regatta, the measurer will perform invasive testing on Icewise planks that have not been tested earlier. In case of doubt about the manufacturer of a plank, the measurer’s position will be decisive. Invasive testing will be clarified in the Sailing Instructuons for EC 2023.


Coming from Across the Pond?

North American DN Icesailors are eligible to make regular entry past the regular entry deadline. If you are interested in competing at the European DN Championship 2023 please contact .


Are you a part of our Junior Programme and interested in competing at the EC 2023?

Registered DN Juniors are eligible for a 50% discount from the 2023 EC senior entry fee. Make your event entry today to make it extra worth it!


Ran into an Issue during the registration?

Please contact for support.


Hurry up, places are limited!
See you at the starting line!
Think Ice,

The Board of IDNIYRA Europe


NOR EC 2023

New Website – Welcome to!

New Website – Welcome to!

Dear Fellow Iceboaters,

We are excited to announce that after more than a year of planning and development the new, updated is finally online.

Key Features:

  • Get Started Page: The most important News, Major Regatta Dates, Resources and Multimedia easily-accessible from our home page with a fresh, new look.
  • Membership Subscriptions & Sailor Profiles: To lessen the administration burden for you, we’ve integrated the membership & the event entry databases. No more fillng out the same information on multiple forms over and over again. Our senior memberships are now subscription based, auto-renewing each year if you decide so. You might need to confirm it with your bank during purchase.
  • Payment & Billing: We can now provide invoices for your membership purchases with separate billing address if you need it for reimbursement. For now, we accept creditcards, with more payment options coming soon …
  • Insurance Upload & Check: The insurance-check procedure is now integrated into your personal sailor account, with an easy upload and feedback from the Insurance Manager.
    Important note! Please fill out your Sailor profile before submitting an insurance and please don’t change it afterwards otherwise the system cannot approve your insurace and you won’t be able to make an event entry!
  • Regatta Pages: Each of our Major Events will now be featured on its own page with the NOR, Event-Entry, Media-content and News updates specific to that event. Since last year we also provide a DN Class Calendar with all of our National Fleets’ events.
  • Members-only content: Login to find out more.
  • Newsletter: Sign up to our semi-regular digest of the latest posts, delivered straight to your inbox. Never miss the important updates ever again.

The site works on all popular browsers and devices but for the best experience, we recommend visiting it on Google Chrome.

Please login with your existing account to purchase your annual membership (if you’ve changed your password recently you might need to reset it again).

For additional support and feedback please contact the secretary & webmaster.

Think Ice!
Attila István Pataki M101

JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.2

JWC/JEC 2021 – Notice No.2

Dear Young Icesailors, Parents & Coaches,

Due to the Covid-19 situation and other complications some young icesailors have – problems with bank transfers and organising circumstances – we decided to extend the deadline for Entry and Insurance Submission of JWC 2021 until Nov 30th 2021!

You can now make an insurance check for this event by uploading your insurance policy directly during the entry & registration process:
You do no longer need an InsuranceID, only the approval of the Insurance Manager. To check if your insurance and payment have been processed and approved, please visit:

Everything else will be handled according to the Notice of Race. Next information will be published early December 2021 depending on the ice situation.

Think Ice, Stan Macur JPM IDNIYRA-Europe.

WC/EC 2020 – Late entry @ Check-in

All sailors, who would like to make a late entry at the check-in shall have a checked by the Insurance Manager insurance. If you did it earlier, you should have an Insurance ID assigned already, if not then bring your insurance policy to the check-in.

In advance please read the “What-to-know” post sent earlier.

To speed-up your entry and check-in I recommend sending your policy to the Insurance Manager ( in advance to get your ID assigned.

Think Ice,

Attila Pataky

The registration for the 2020 WC/EC is open now

Dear Fellow Icesailors,

Our Webmaster opened the online registration for the 2020 DN WC/EC.
All you need is click to the link and register.
BUT, beforehand you have to log-in with your sail number and password. The link to log-in is on the home page of

To be able to register:
1. you need to be a member of IDNIYRA-EU. If you are not a member you can register here.
2. you should have a valid insurance, which have to be sent to the Insurance Manager, who assigned you an Insurance ID. The checked insurances and the assigned insurance IDs you can find here. If you are not listed on that page, please check whether you sent your police for checking and your national organisation had paid the membership due.

Have with you your Credit/Debit Card or PayPal account, as well as your ranking. Keep your runner sharp and who has no ice yet wait for the first one.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Your Commodore,
Attila Pataky


Dear Fellow Icesailors, Friends of the Class

We invite you, your relatives and friends to the 2020 DN World and European Championships.

Please find the Notice of Race attached and read it carefully.

Important dates to consider:

  • 20th December 2019 – The online registration opens
  • 13th January 2020 – Deadline to send insurances for checking
  • 16th January 2020 – Last day to register on the single entry fee

See you on the ice,

The Board of IDNIYRA Europe


NOR Junior WC&EC

Dear Junior Icesailors, Parents and Trainers,

We would like to invite you all to the 2020 Junior World and European Championships in DN and IceOptimist Classes.

Please find the Notice of Race attached and read it carefully.

Important dates to consider:

  • 20th December 2019 – The online registration opens
  • 27th January 2020 – Deadline to send insurances for checking
  • 3rd February 2020 – Last day to register on single entry fee


See you on the ice,


Stan Macur, JPM IDNIYRA Europe
Antanas Gerasimavicius, National Secretary, Lithuania
Attila Pataky, Commodore IDNIYRA Europe



Season Greetings

Dear Fellow Ice Sailors, Junior Iceboaters,

The holiday season is here and some lucky countries already have stable and sailable ice cover on their lakes and water reservoirs. Use this possibility to train as much as you can to get ready for big international events and perfectly trim your gear.

But do not forget in this busy season, that some deadlines to make duetime entry for the events are already on the doorstep:

  • 2nd January – submission of insurance cover for seniors
  • 6th January – regular online entry ends for the Senior EC
  • 15th January  – submission of insurance cover for juniors
  • 20th January – regular online entry ends for the Junior WC/EC

As today there are only 62 entries made for the senior event and only ONE for the juniors!!

Please take a few minutes and make the online entry as soon as possible to ease the life of the organizers and help to make successful icesailing events.

I whish all to you and to your beloved families all the best, Merry Chrismas and Happy, Prosperous New Year!

And of course lot of fun on the ice!


Your Commodore,

Attila Pataky



Dear friends,

I started to assign the insurance-IDs for EC 2019 today.

Please keep in mind:

Insurances (or requests for a SEI) received until 02. January 2019; 24:00 (CET) will be checked for a regular entry – all later received insurances (or requests for SEI) will be checked and get an Insurance-ID to be able to make a Late-Entry without checking of the insurance at regatta-check-in.

Think Ice


OE 221

INSURANCE – WHAT TO KNOW for DN junior and Ice-Optimist sailors

Dear friends,
Please check in time that you will have a proper TPL-insurance for icesailing. This is not only necessary for the “big events” like WC and/or EC or JWC/JEC, but also for sailing during the rest of the season. I guess that every participant of WC and EC (or JWC/JEC) will try to get some meters of ice under his runners before travelling there.


Once again the items for a proper certificate of insurance:
1. the certificate must be in English language.Junior insurance must be indicated: Juniors

  1. the liability cover must be at least 500.000,– €
  2. the certificate must clearly show that this insurance covers sailing with iceboats including race events and training races.
  3. the certificate must show, that the insurance covers the region of Europe including Baltic Sea and Northern Sea. If you have an insurance “worldwide” these regions are covered of course and it’s ok.
  4. the certificate must clearly show, that it is valid at least for the time of the event.


Due to I got more and more normal word.doc as confirmation of cover, I have to state out that I can’t accept those.

Please understand that I need an official paper with signatures from your insurance company. I do not want to assume that anybody is cheating, but I have to check all insurances with the same rules.

Please be aware that I will check all insurances with the same accuracy.

*.dot files from a MAC I can’t open.

Please send *.pdf files or *.jpeg (jpg) files.

Please send your confirmation in high resolution !!!!

If possible, please send only ONE PAGE !



I will start assigning Insurance-IDs at the beginning of December.

It is possible that it takes one or two days until I assign the Insurance-ID, but I will try to do that faster after registration is open (03.01.2017; 12:00 CET)

Insurances sent until January, 18th 2017; 24:00 (CET) will be assigned for a regular entry for EC 2017 and JWC/JEC 2017

If you send your confirmation at that very late stage, be aware that – if the confirmation is NOT OK – I will not assign any ID just because you are late. That’s not fair to all other sailors who sent their confirmations in time.

Then you will not be able to make a regular entry and you have to make a late entry

Proofs of insurance WITHOUT any indication for “Junior” will get an ID for the seniors.

If the date of the confirmation of a Junior also fits for the seniors, they will assigned an ID for the seniors, too.

These sailors can take part in both events (JWC-JEC and EC)



As in the past years we offer for those sailors who really cannot show a valid proof of insurance the SINGLE EVENT INSURANCE. As usual the fee for that is 30,– € for DN junior and Ice-Optimist sailors and has to be paid at regatta check-in in cash.

The SEI will be treated as every other insurance.

The only difference is, that you have to ask for the SEI instead you send your confirmation.

If you ask before the deadline you get assigned an ID for a regular entry, if you ask afterwards ….

If you make a “Late-Entry” at regatta check-in you can get the SEI according to the rules at regatta check-in.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: To avoid any misunderstanding I have to inform that the so called “Single Event Insurance” is only for sailors from countries where we KNOW that they do not have any chance to get a proper insurance or an insurance for a tolerable amount (R, US, T, B)

First of all the goal is, that every sailor should have an insurance for the whole season. Not only at WC and EC (JWC, JEC). Second we try to have a spread of the risk. So the idea of the “Single Event Insurance” is only to make it every sailor possible to take part at WC (when held in Europe) and EC and JWC/JEC – not to make it easy for everyone to get an insurance. Please accept that not everybody who is asking for, will get a “Single Event Insurance”.



(How to ask for the SEI)

Please send the confirmation of cover of your insurances via e-mail at insurancemgr(at) (please use as subject: insurance WC 2016 (replace (at) with @ !! ) or send via snail mail to:

Niklas Müller-Hartburg

Eduard Klein Gasse 31

1130 Wien




I do not answer all mails and send your ID personal back to you.

You can find your insurance ID for juniors on website IDNIYRA Europe, section Juniors

If you do not find any ID or did not get any answer – please make sure I received your confirmation of cover.

It’s your own and sole responsibility.




To have an Insurance-ID only allows you to enter at the Online-Registration. You are not obliged to do so.

Having an Insurance-ID does not mean that you are registered for the regatta !!!

More and more organizers from other regattas accept the Insurance ID as confirmation for having an insurance (if the date of validity fits to the respective regatta).


thanks a lot and Think Ice



OE 221

DN Junior and Ice Optimist World Championships 2016 INSURANCE

Dear young DN and Ice Opti iceboaters


Some correction regarding the point: INSURANCE


Entries to Junior World Championship in 2016 are only accepted with a proof of valid third party liability insurance that must be presented at check-in. Minimum insurance amount: 500 000€. Parents or other adults who have parental authority are responsible for competitors under 18 years old. They should show that their children have an insurance and have to sign the disclaimer for them.

You don`t need to send your insurance to check by IDNIYRA Insurance Manager.


If you are in doubts about your insurance – you can send here: the scan of insurance proof to ensure that everything is ok.

Single event insurance (SEI) policy can be bought at check in. Cost 30 EUR per sailor.

Sailors who plan to buy a SEI should inform Junior Programme Manager by email: in advance of 2 weeks of the Regatta.



As in the past years we offer for those sailors who really can not show a valid proof of insurance the SINGLE EVENT INSURANCE.  The fee for the Juniors will be 30,– € as it was in the past and has to be paid at regatta check-in in cash.

To avoid any misunderstanding we have to inform that the so called “Single Event Insurance” is only for sailors from countries where we KNOW that they do not have any chance to get a proper insurance or an insurance for a tolerable amount.

Please accept that not everybody who is asking for, will get a “Single Event Insurance”.



See you on ice

Jerzy Sukow, P-345, Junior Programme Manager


Dear friends,
daylight saving time will end comming Sunday (03:00 CET).
So I guess it’s time to start to assign Insurance-IDs. Until now I received about ten insurances and all of them are ok.
I hope that we will keep that percentage of correctness 😉
I wish you all a safe season with a lot of sailing and even more fun !

Think Ice, Niklas OE 221


Dear friends,
if you use a smartphone there exists a better way than making a photo from your insurance document.
Please make life for me and you easy and use the App “CamScanner” – which you can download for free.

Thanks a lot and Think Ice, Niklas  OE 221