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EUpageHello DN friends,
the brandnew IDNYRA-Europe website is ready to use now. You will find all IDNIYRA related information, rules, specs, rankings and other wordings. Beside this static information there are many dynamic functions like online entry, online insurance list, online ballot, a news system you can subscribe to for email and pushover mobile service. You’ll find upcoming events from the calendar and a seamlessly integration in facebook where the news posts were published simultaneously, you can like and send to friends. There is of cause also a market for iceboaters where you can sell your gear or search for things. Not to forget the icereport section where you also can post to from your mobile devices. Please use the icereport, cause this is very important for the whole DN-community. Runnertracks are now online readable and the yearbook can be ordered from IDNIYRA. If you have Regatta announcements or relating information you can post it in REGATTA News.

There is quite more to explore, so go to and register an account cause the old accounts are not valid any more.

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    • on 15. October 2013 at 14:42

    Thanks Godie !
    This site seems to be really perfect now.
    I am happy that everything works fine and even on the mobile !!!

    Think Ice

    OE 221

    • on 22. October 2013 at 23:09

    Goddie, zuuuper

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