Icescouting 2019 – Second update

Since the last report we had checked two spots: Siemianowka in Poland and Rekyvos in

Lithuania. Both lake have ice of sufficient thickness, however the ice surfaces are not ideal for racing.

At Siemianowka we have 10 cm black plus 5 cm snowice. The ice was covered with about 2 cm of slushy snow, which in case of cold weather will freeze and form a hard but rough sailable ice surface.

The Rekyvos has 20-22 cm of black ice. There are 5-10 cm thick frozen snow drifts on the ice. Here we will need warm weather and rain to smoothen the surface.

Now we are in Estonia to check places on the islands.

Tomorrow we will travel to Sweden to check possible paces there.

Checking the official source (IDNIYRA ICE REPORTS) we could not find information on other possible spots. Please go out on the lakes nearby and check the ice there and upload photos and information on Icereport secton of our official webpage.

Attila Pataky


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