Ice Report from Estonia WC/EC

In Estonia, Saaremaa we have more than one spot where to sail the WC2018 and EC2018:

Kaugatoma, Ariste bay – ice thickness 14-18cm, covered with 1cm powder snow. The area is at least 1,5km and after that new growing ice with thickness today 7-9cm and growing day-by-day. For Sunday thickness is approximately 15cm and area is then more than 3,5km. Very promising weather forecast for Kaugatoma.

We think it is definitely suitable place for WC2018 and EC2018.

Tommorrow morning we will check again the conditions and will inform in here about 11:00.

Photos are taken in Kaugatoma, Ariste bay (21.02.2018 15:00).

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    Forecast for next week to Kaugatoma

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