DSC_0090Welcome everybody

Next Weekend German Championship at Neuwarper See which is a bay of Stettiner Haff.

Hotel for all!!iceboaters. Good accomodation.

Dorfstr. 35, 17373 Ueckermünde-Bellin

Launching site:

Navi target: Rieth-Luckow


In Rieth (a very small village at the end of the world) follow the main street just to the dead end.

Please don’t pass the red-white striped gate with mobile homes. You can park just at the way before.

Sailing area: circle of 2.4 km in all directions, smooth ice, 20cm thickness with max. 2cm snow patches, complete area sailed this afternoon by Jean-Claude Vuthier and Godie and Jan.

CU on ice, Bernd, Godie

PS: Be preparedfor sportive windyconditions on Saturday